Pain in early pregnancy

Pain in early pregnancy

A pregnant woman does not hurt anything for nine months. Because of the weakened immune system, which now operates with double capacity, the previous health problems are emerging. Chronic processes become inflamed, the weakest organs begin to give up their positions, the body is prone to viruses and infections, and to all this, obstetric pains that pester most pregnant women are added.

Already from the first days of pregnancy as the first signs, pains in the mammary glands or pains in the chest, abdominal pain, in particular the lower abdomen, pain in the lower back or in the back can appear. Most often during this period there is pain in the navel, pain in the left or right side, in the sacrum or in the coccyx, pain in the vagina. There may also appear pain in the groin, in the legs and joints, in the bones, in the hypochondrium, pain in the ovaries. Very many women are concerned about kidney pain during pregnancy, as well as pain when urinating.

In addition to all this, like any other person, a pregnant woman may experience sore throat, stomach pain, headache or toothache and many others. And in view of its position, treatment measures in each case have their own peculiarities.

Therefore, if something disturbs you or something hurts, you can not take action on your own. You must without fail consult your doctor or, in case of acute pain or exacerbation, call an ambulance. Be aware that there are situations that require immediate medical examination. For example, rarely, but still there is an inflammation of appendicitis in pregnant women, obstruction or pancreatitis, when surgical intervention is necessary, and every lost minute can be expensive.

Do not risk your health and the life of a future baby! Be careful and responsible. But just as important is not to be overly hypochondriac and not to worry about anything. Remember that any safe pregnancy can be accompanied by pain. But all this is temporary! Do not be ill!

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