Pain in the sacrum during pregnancy

Why does the sacrum hurt during pregnancy?

Sacrum is a large bone, shaped like a triangle. It is located at the base of the spine between two pelvic bones and forms the upper back part of the pelvic cavity. With its upper part the sacrum connects with the last lumbar vertebra, and the lower part - with the coccyx.

Pain in the sacrum during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pain in the sacrum occurs for various reasons. For example, they can be caused by a shift in the center of gravity in the woman's body, which is especially felt with the growth of the abdomen. The pregnant woman more and more flexes her back in the lumbar region, which affects the state of her health, causing certain pains, including in the lumbosacral section.

The so-called training fights (battles Bregston-Hicks) are often manifested by pain in the lumbar and pelvic region. Especially the pain is localized in the sacrum. In this case, do not take any special measures, because this "rehearsal" really needs the body before the "main performance". It's another matter if discomfort or pain becomes unbearable. Then you need to try to relax as much as possible, perhaps, to sleep. Relax massage helps. If there is someone nearby, ask him for help. Also you can drink juice or herbal tea, sometimes a light "snack" helps.

In late pregnancy, pain in the area of ??the sacrum can indicate the onset of premature birth. If this is observed, especially if the uterus is stressed, and the pain is cramping periodic character, you need to urgently consult a doctor.

By the way, sometimes pain in the sacrum during pregnancy can appear if the child is in the back position (or occipital). In this case, the nape of the child presses against the sacrum.

It is possible that the pain manifested during pregnancy is not at all connected with this condition. The cause of their occurrence can serve, for example, anomalies in the development of the spine, pathological processes in the muscles of the gluteal region, lesions of the sacroiliac ligaments, and infectious damage to the sacrum. Also often the cause of pain in the sacrum is some kind of gynecological disease.

Since the causes of pain in the sacrum during pregnancy can be many, if necessary, you need to contact an observing gynecologist or therapist. After consultation, the doctor, if this case is not in his competence, will send the woman to a more narrow specialist: neurologist, urologist, gastroenterologist.

Perhaps a woman will have to wear an antenatal bandage that supports the abdomen and relieves the strain on the spine. General recommendations in such situations are moderate exercise, walks in the fresh air, nutrition correction (with the increase in products rich in calcium), rest on the orthopedic mattress.

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