Peach oil from stretch marks during pregnancy

Peach oil from stretch marks during pregnancy

Composition and use of the product

This oil is obtained from the core of the peach. Its usefulness is determined by its rich chemical composition. It has vitamin A, which maintains the integrity of the cells of the skin. Ascorbic acid and tocopherol in oil have antioxidant properties that allow slowing down aging. Vitamins of group B help to maintain metabolism in the skin, and PP reduces the fragility of blood vessels. Peach oil also contains carotenoids (organic pigments), iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium. All these substances have properties to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin.

There are in the composition of a useful product oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic fatty acids. They improve the overall nutrition of tissues, blood circulation, reduce the likelihood of inflammation.

As you can see, peach oil is a valuable product for skin care. Its advantage also lies in the fact that it serves as a good alternative to nut oils, which often cause allergies. It's about almond and peanut.

Peach oil can be used in its pure form and in combination with other vegetable oils.

How to use the product to fight stretch marks

Peach oil works as a therapeutic and preventive means of fighting striae. The best way to avoid such problems with the skin is to prevent them. That is why it is recommended to use peach oil after the first trimester of pregnancy, when a woman is gaining weight, and stretch marks just begin to appear. Only in this case it is possible to avoid unpleasant and spoiling the appearance of the skin of dark purple scars.

It's not hard to apply a product. After the hygienic shower and complete drying of the skin, massage with light massage movements into the upper part of the chest, hips, abdomen until completely absorbed. One such procedure per day will suffice. But you need to do it systematically.

It is advisable to use peach oil after delivery, when the breast increases, and striae in this zone progress. Do not be afraid that oil can adversely affect the child. After all, when he rubs the woman should not touch the nipple area. And the absorption of the product into the skin of the breast is not dangerous for the baby.

The regularity of its application will avoid losing the external appeal of the mammary glands, which is important for women at any age.

What else is useful for oil when bearing a baby

Aromatherapy is one way to improve the mood of a future mother, to prevent depression. Therefore, you can use the product and as a liquid for the aroma lamp. He has a gentle, calming aroma that positively affects the psychoemotional sphere of the pregnant woman.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, there is often a need to remove gipertonus of the uterus. This can be done without the use of medicines. To do this, mix the peach and lavender oil. A small amount of such a mixture must be rubbed into the wrists' skin and lying down. The oil remedy acts relaxing.

If the period of pregnancy falls on autumn and winter, then the woman should be able to resist colds, treat them with the first symptoms, using funds that are safe for the fetus. One of them is peach and eucalyptus oil. They need to be mixed in a proportion of 2: 1 and buried in the nose 2-3 times a day.

This useful product is also used in the care of dry skin. It is this type that can be dried even more when the baby is born. And this is not surprising, because a lot of moisture and nutrients from the body of the mother takes the child. Therefore, you can prepare masks with the addition of peach butter, drive it into the areas under the eyes to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

For whatever purpose you use the product during pregnancy, always get it in a pharmacy or specialty stores. Do not buy it in spontaneous markets. This is the only way to avoid buying a poor-quality oil that can harm the skin.

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