Peanuts during pregnancy

Peanuts during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

What is the danger of peanuts?

Peanuts (or peanuts), unlike all known other nuts - almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts - is a very strong allergen. For example, in the UK, an allergy to peanuts causes medical doctors very serious anxiety. And there is from what: the number of people suffering from allergies to peanuts grows with each passing year, and the most dangerous is that among such allergies, the majority are children. And the allergy to this product can cause the most severe consequences - up to anaphylactic shock.

The use of peanuts during pregnancy can provoke the development of the child's allergy to this product?

A lot of people agree with this statement, but recent researches of scientists have given a refutation to him. Although not completely & hellip; It was found that almost all mothers (75%) who consumed peanuts during pregnancy, children with high sensitivity to allergens contained in this nut are born. But this is not 100% proof that the baby will be allergic to it. But there is still a risk, and if the future father (or the next of kin) suffers from an allergy to this product, it increases significantly.

So is it worth it to exclude peanuts from the diet during pregnancy?

Probably, the people's wisdom is right, arguing that God takes care of the bereaved. Especially when it comes to the future life for which you are responsible. Due to the fact that not always immediately after the birth of a child, you can identify products for which he may have an allergy, doctors recommend still to be kept from its use both during pregnancy and during lactation. Probably, it will be correct if from the diet of a pregnant woman, those products that contain peanuts or oil are also excluded.

But if you really want, perhaps, you can treat yourself to a couple of nuts, but in no case can not so risk during breastfeeding. After all, in the foreground, every woman has one goal - the health of her child.

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