Perineal Massage before childbirth

Perineum massage before birth

About the benefits of massage

The perineum is the muscle tissue located at the bottom of the pelvic bones in the area between the anus and the vagina. Just this area of ??the birth canal requires a special massage, because in the process of giving birth to it is a strong load. And the muscles of the perineum with high strength do not differ. They often just burst under the pressure of the baby's head. It is not uncommon for physicians themselves to administer an episiotomy - surgical dissection of the perineum - in order to avoid complications during the birth process. But this operation can be avoided if the muscles of the perineum are prepared in advance for the forthcoming load. Massaging actions increase their elasticity, avoid ruptures and cracks.

Massage improves metabolic processes by activating the circulation of internal organs. And during the procedure, the nervous system calms down. The emotional state comes to normal. Obstetricians-gynecologists emphasize that manipulation allows to avoid complications in childbirth.

Many women in childbirth believe, that if they had ruptures during the first birth, the scars will disperse during the appearance of the second baby. But this is not so, because the massage procedures make the scar elastic. And this prevents its repeated rupture.

Features and rules of the procedure

Specialists emphasize that such a procedure up to 28 weeks of the deadline can not be performed or done once a week. And after this period, the preparation of perineal muscles should be done every few days, after 37 weeks - every day. By the way, the effect of massage will increase if you combine it with Kegel exercises.

Performing manipulation is recommended in the evening, after taking a bath or shower. For its conduct, sterile oils should be used. It can be olive, chamomile, pink, almond, peach, grape seed. Before using the oil, it must necessarily boil. It is forbidden to use castor for the procedure - it has the property of causing a contraction of the uterus. It is recommended to use sterile gloves to perform perineal massage. Although you can do it without them, washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Despite the benefits of such manipulation, it is forbidden to be performed with herpes, vaginitis, other genital infections to avoid their penetration into the vagina. Also, the massage is contraindicated with the threat of abortion, the presence of allergic rashes, increased body temperature.

How to do a perineal massage before giving birth?

After 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is already difficult for a woman to conduct such a procedure. It can be performed by the spouse. So, make yourself comfortable. It is better to take a semi-sitting position, if the partner will perform the manipulation. First, you should thoroughly wash your hands and lubricate your fingers with sterile oil. Next, the product should be applied to the skin of the perineum - to facilitate sliding. Gently insert your fingers into the vagina until the second joint. Click on the pelvic floor muscles, that is, make a downward movement so that the muscles feel the fingers. Relax your muscles. Make moves towards the anus. Massaging the perineum inside should not take more than three minutes. Then massage the skin with the middle and index fingers from the top, and let the big one stay inside. First, with the first manipulations, the muscles of the vagina will be strained. However, already on the third or fourth procedure they will relax and get used, become more flexible, supple.

Doing such a preparatory procedure for the birth, do not overdo it. You should not feel pain and severe discomfort. Strengthen the pressure should be gradual and cautious. Then the manipulation will really benefit and will avoid gaps in the process of delivery.

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