Perineal massage during pregnancy

Massage of the perineum during pregnancy - rules and techniques of the procedure

To avoid complications during childbirth, a woman, first of all, needs to breathe properly. However, the problem can also be prevented if the muscles and tissues of the perineum are prepared in advance for labor activity (in other words, to make them flexible, flexible, soft and able to open themselves). It was for this purpose that a special perineal massage was developed.


The perineum is the part of the body that lies between the genitals and the anus. During labor activity, the baby's head passes through the pelvic floor, while stretching the muscles of the perineum. In addition, during attempts, a woman helps herself to push the baby out using the same muscles. Such processes create a greater burden on the perineal tissue, and any carelessness on the part of the giving birth or a medical staff error can result in mechanical damage and ruptures.

Rules for intimate massage

The massage prepares the vaginal tissues for proper relaxation, making the muscles more elastic and elastic, thus eliminating the danger of surgical dissection or rupture. In addition, the correct performance of the perineal massage guarantees painless childbirth. Also, massaging the groin zone is important in itself: it minimizes any damage to the mother's crotch as well as her baby at the time of delivery.

The rules for the massage of the perineum:

  • Massage the inguinal zone is possible only on the recommendation of the attending physician-gynecologist.
  • The process of carrying out the massage should not cause the pregnant discomfort or painful sensations.
  • The crotch massage procedure should take place under completely sterile conditions, since the vaginal mucosa is very sensitive.
  • During the massage procedure, it is necessary to use antibacterial natural oils.
  • The bladder and intestines of the expectant mother during the session should be emptied.
  • The schedule of carrying out of massage procedures should be regular.
  • Before a massage, it is recommended to take a relaxing bath with the addition of herbs: chamomile, mint, balm.


Doing a perineal massage during pregnancy is prohibited for women who have infectious diseases, inflammation in the intimate area, and a tendency to skin diseases. In addition, massage procedures can not be performed by pregnant women who are at risk of premature birth or abortion.

Technique of the massage procedure

Intimate massage can be performed at any time of pregnancy. The main thing is that it should be held on a regular basis.

Before the massage begins, the pregnant woman should take a comfortable pose (lying on her back, half sitting, spreading her legs). Then you must carefully treat the intimate area and the hands of the masseur with a special oil.

After that, you need to enter a finger (you can two) in the vagina for 2-3 centimeters, placing it on the pelvic floor. With cautious movements, the back wall of the vagina is first massaged. Then smooth stretches of the perineum are performed in different directions, before the sensation of tingling and stretching appears. Hold in this position for 60 seconds, then relax.

After that, start the process of rhythmic pressure on the walls of the vagina, then speeding up, then slowing the massage movements, with the subsequent transition to the anus (perform the exercise for 3 minutes). Sensations during massage should in no case carry with it pain and discomfort. The procedure should be pleasant and relaxing. On average, intimate massage lasts 5-7 minutes.

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