Pertussin during pregnancy

Pertussin in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Briefly about Pertussin

Pertussin is a long-known combined herbal medicine. It is prescribed as an expectorant for acute respiratory infections, whooping cough, tracheitis and bronchitis.

Thyme, as one of its components, has expectorant properties, increases the amount of secretion that separates the nasal mucosa. This herb also dilutes sputum and speeds up its excretion. Another component of the drug - potassium bromide - lowers the excitability of the central nervous system. As a rule, adult patients are prescribed a drug of one tablespoon, and children on a tea or dessert spoon three times a day.

Pertussin has his side effects. These are allergic reactions and heartburn.

Contraindications to the use of Pertussin are sensitivity to the components of the drug, chronic heart failure, pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding. The drug contains sugar, which should pay attention to people with diabetes.

Can Pertussin be Pregnant?

So, the instruction clearly states that during the period of bearing the child this drug is prohibited to be consumed. It would seem that a medicine of vegetable origin should not be subject to such a ban. But remember the main principle of medicine, which should be observed with special attention during pregnancy: do no harm! The main component of Pertussin is thyme (thyme). One of the effects of this herb is a prolonged, persistent increase in blood pressure. If we consider that pregnant women very often themselves suffer from increased pressure, then additional risk will only exacerbate the situation.

Another danger, which represents for the future mother of thyme, is the property of increasing the tone of the uterus. For a healthy woman, this is not dangerous, but a pregnant woman is threatened with miscarriage. The third risk factor for Pertussin is the creation of an additional burden on the kidneys. Again, pregnant women have problems with this organ, and it is impossible to create another threat with the use of the medicine. And, finally, the last weighty argument is not in favor of Pertussin. In thyme there is such a substance - thymol. It has good antiseptic properties. But thymol is contraindicated to a pregnant woman at any gestation period of the baby. Here, in fact, all the reasons that give grounds to prohibit Pertussin during pregnancy.

Alternative treatment and prevention

Today, medicine (official and popular) has a huge range of products against the common cold and its consequences. Not a single Pertussin! Well, the fact that you are used to this drug does not mean anything. When pregnant women are forced to give up much for the benefit of the future child. But the most important thing in this situation is not to prescribe yourself a course of treatment yourself. If it is a question of treating directly with herbs, you also have to consult your doctor. After all, not all of them (like thyme) are safe in the event of an interesting situation.

In order not to be tormented by questions about remedies, a pregnant woman should take care of herself. Prevention is the best treatment, and also free. This means that the feet should always be warm, vitamins - in abundance, and the attending physician is the first assistant in case of any health problems. Do not let it fail you!

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