Pigmented spots during pregnancy

Pigmented spots during pregnancy - causes and treatment

Many people of different sex and age face the problem of pigment spots. There are many possible causes for their occurrence, including health problems. But in pregnancy, pigmentation spots appear, mainly on the background of hormonal failure. Such spots doctors call chloasma of pregnant women (chloasma gravidarum).

Probably, every woman knows that during pregnancy the hormonal background is substantially rebuilt. The hormones progesterone and estrogen come into action, preparing the woman for the forthcoming delivery and breastfeeding. It is the hormonal changes that cause the appearance of pigmented spots, since the work of the pigment system is disrupted against the background of restructuring, the melanin in the skin is distributed unevenly, which we observe by spotting in the entire yellow-brown range. The culprit of a surprise may be a lack of vitamins, especially folic acid, as well as vitamin B, C, copper, zinc, iron and other substances. Therefore, it is necessary to worry in advance about their intake into the body in sufficient quantity. Enter in your diet leafy vegetables (spinach, greens, salad), all kinds of cabbage, bread from wholemeal flour, cereal cereals with bran. Be sure to take a vitamin complex for pregnant women with folic acid.

Pigmented spots that appear during pregnancy can cover any part of the woman's body, but most often they are located on the face (cheekbones, cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lip, chin), shoulders, hands, back, in the decollete zone, on the labia, nipples, abdomen and in the places of close fitting of clothing to the body. Chloasma can occur at any time and very suddenly: you'll just wake up one day and notice the darkening of the skin. Of course, this is not necessary, and many women undergo the entire pregnancy without a single pigment spot. But if you have suffered such a share, do not despair: after the birth of a child with the onset of the first menstruation, everything, as a rule, disappears.

The only problem or inconvenience associated with the appearance of pigmentation on the body of a pregnant woman is purely aesthetic. Neither for the child, nor for the pregnancy itself, chloasma does not pose any threat, so doctors do not advise to fight them. If the transformation into a Dalmatian greatly upsets you, use makeup cosmetics to mask. Just choose the most natural and high-quality products, because everything that your skin absorbs will get to the baby. Try not to use bleaching creams - they are not safe in your position, besides they drastically dry and age the skin. It is better to resort to folk recipes: juices and gruel from lemon, cucumber, cabbage, berries, sweet pepper, parsley, various masks. Remember that they should be applied only in the evening, so that afterwards, do not expose the skin to the sun. But still it is better not to start a fight while you are nurturing and feeding the baby.

In most cases, after birth, the pigmentation spots gradually disappear without a trace. But it also happens, that this imprint will remain on your skin for a long time, or it will be from year to year, with the advent of spring, to remind you of your previous pregnancy as your manifestation. In this case, and now, in the period of gestation, it is necessary to begin to protect from sunlight from the end of February - beginning of March. Always apply creams with a high SPF-factor (not less than 30) to the skin. And remember that the time of its action ends at most after 4 hours, so if you spend a lot of time on the street, you need to remove the previous layer of cream and apply a new one. If the sunscreen is applied even tonal, the protection time can be extended to 6 hours. Also do not forget that the most active sun in the period from 11 to 17 hours, and it is better at this time to refrain from walking. Even in the morning and evening with hyperpigmentation it is preferable to sunbathe in the shade.

A wide-brimmed hat will protect the skin of the hands and face from ultraviolet radiation. She will give you extravagance and cheer up.

In the end, try to change your attitude to the problem. After all, pigmentation is nothing more than protecting the body from ultraviolet radiation. During this period, when you are responsible not only for your life and health, but also for the life and health of your baby, nature takes special care of you and protects you from possible troubles.

Red spots in pregnancy

But the yellow-brown pigment spots are not the only ones that can lead you into bewilderment and anxiety. Often, future mothers are covered with red spots that can also burn or itch. In this case, most likely, you are faced with an allergy. Even if you have never reacted in this way to any annoying factors, now this is more than possible. It is during pregnancy that a woman with many troubles faces for the first time, since the reaction of the body as a whole is very unpredictable because of the processes and changes that continuously take place in it. And just one orange or a cube of chocolate can cause the appearance of red spots on the skin, even if in a pre-bereave life you just ate that citrus and cocoa.

In general, frankly allergenic foods need to exercise some caution during this period, because even a baby can react to a child's diathesis with your addictions. But if it happened so, that the allergy is obvious, first of all it is necessary to eliminate the source-stimulus. It can be a food or household allergen, so analyze everything: a new pillow, changed the powder or cream, ate something. Even vitamin complexes for pregnant women often cause allergic reactions in mothers. Find the cause and eliminate it, and then go to an allergist or dermatologist. The doctor will examine and interview the woman and prescribe her further treatment and give subsequent recommendations for implementation. In the meantime, you can make lotions from infusions of chamomile or string.

Henceforth, be more attentive to yourself. And let no spots stain your pregnant everyday life. Enjoy this time, it will very soon fly by irrevocably & hellip;

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