Pigmented spots on the face during pregnancy

Pigmented spots on the face during pregnancy - causes and treatment

Why do pigmentation spots occur during pregnancy?

The skin color of each person depends on many factors, but the most important is the concentration of melanin in the dermis. This pigment acts as a natural filter that protects the top layer of the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. During pregnancy, the production of melanin under the influence of hormones increases and begins to be released in excessive amounts, which leads to the appearance of pigment spots on the skin.

In such a situation on the forehead, cheeks, chin, or above the upper lip, brown spots of very different shapes appear. Most often, hyperpigmentation occurs in the second trimester, but it can also occur at an earlier time. Also, this defect is formed under the influence of hormonal drugs or with a lack of folic acid in the body of a woman. In addition, the appearance of pigment spots on the face can be a consequence of violations of the liver, pituitary, ovaries, the use of substandard cosmetics and even perfumes. Another cause of hyperpigmentation is considered a hereditary predisposition. Strengthens the formation of pigment spots of sunburn.

We hasten to reassure you - in most cases such spots disappear within a few months after birth. But if this did not happen, then you need to consult a dermatologist. Or use the following guidelines.

How to get rid of pigment spots on the face during pregnancy?

Many experts believe that during the period of bearing crumbs it is not necessary to take cardinal measures to combat hyperpigmentation, but should wait for its self-extinction after childbirth. Others advise to carry out preventive measures. For example, daily lubricate the skin with the juice of parsley, cranberry, cucumber, onions, strawberries, red currants. To wash off means from a skin it is not necessary.

It helps to whiten the skin and align the tone of the face with a mixture of lemon and honey in equal proportions. This mask is applied to the skin for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with water. You can soak gauze with fresh yogurt and apply to the face in the form of a compress. It is recommended to use fresh milk for washing the skin.

Another effective method, which relieves pigment spots on the face, is a mask. They can be prepared from any berries, kefir, fresh cucumber. These products are applied to the skin after washing, and after 30 minutes remove the cotton swab soaked in chamomile broth, turns, marigold.

Preventing the appearance of pigment spots

This is the best way to avoid such a nuisance. To go through the whole pregnancy with clean skin, without brown spots on your face, you should limit your exposure to the sun at dangerous hours - from 12 to 18 hours - or be in the shade. Before going out to the street, apply a sunscreen with a high protective factor on your face. Also, you should avoid exposure to the skin of unknown chemicals and use only proven cosmetics. Taking multivitamins with zinc helps to get rid of any defects on the skin. In addition, for the beauty of the skin of the face and body, it is necessary to adhere to a rational diet - to consume a lot of leafy vegetables, beets, cabbage, cereals, liver and fish.

If possible during pregnancy, do not use self-tanning and other cosmetics of questionable quality. Give preference to proven brands of decorative cosmetics.

And remember that pigment spots during pregnancy are a phenomenon not very pleasant, but not permanent. In most women, the face becomes clean after 1-2 weeks after delivery. Therefore, do not get upset because of such trifles.

Take care of yourself and your children!

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