Pillow for pregnant women

Pillow for pregnant women - the main types of how to choose, how to use

In the last trimester of pregnancy, many women complain of lack of sleep. At the same time, doctors insist that a full sleep is very important for both mother and future baby. In many respects a good strong sleep depends on the pillow. Now in many specialized shops and Internet resources offer to use a pillow for pregnant women. They differ in color, shape, design and material from which they are made. Consider which options are right for you.

Maternal pillow

This pillow consists of two separate moving parts that are connected together by material. Thanks to this design, you can support the stomach and lower back. On such a pillow is very comfortable to sleep on the side, because it supports and slightly reduces the weight of the abdomen.

Pillow for the body

This is a large pillow that can be one and a half meters in length. The name of the pillow speaks for itself, because it easily adapts to the new forms of your body and, thus, provides the necessary support, in particular the abdomen.

Wedge-shaped pillow for pregnant women

Especially suitable for those who like to sleep on their sides. She perfectly supports the belly of a pregnant woman. In addition, such a pillow can be used for your own comfort during the rest, it will perfectly support your back if you half-throw back.

U-shaped pillow

These pillows come in different sizes, including large ones, which can support the entire length of the body. This pillow is a great help for those who are constantly spinning during sleep. It also provides support for the back of the knees. Thus the neck, shoulders, back and hips will be in a natural position.

Of course, you can say that during pregnancy your standard pillow is also suitable. But what it would not be, when the abdomen increases in size, there are some side effects during sleep. In particular, the stomach exerts more pressure on the back, the hips and legs also suffer. Therefore, an ergonomic pillow is needed, which will be given special pillows for pregnant women.

As you can see, the choice of pillows for pregnant women is very large. In order not to get lost, follow several rules:

  • the best material is 100% cotton - it can withstand different temperatures;
  • also consider whether you are allergic to filler. Better in this case, pillows with anti-allergenic filler;
  • the pillow for pregnant women should keep its shape for a long time;
  • Do not think only about the stomach, the main thing is not its support, that the backbone, legs and hips are well supported;
  • Well, if the pillow can be washed in the typewriter, it is very convenient.

Your health and comfort during pregnancy depends on you! Take care of yourself and your baby!

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