Pimafucin in pregnancy

Pimafucin in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Pimafucin is released in three dosage forms. It can be tablets, covered with a shell, usually 20 pieces per pack. It can be candles - suppositories - vaginal - usually three pieces per pack. Also, Pimafucin is produced in a cream for external use of 2% to 30 g in a tube. And another pimafucin is released in the form of a suspension for topical application. 2, 5% - in bottles of 20 ml complete with a pipette.

One tablet or one candle of Pimafucine contains 100 mg of natamycin. In one gram of cream - 20 mg of natamycin, and in 1 ml of suspension of Pimafucin - 25 mg.

As it was already possible to guess from the composition of the drug, the active substance in Pimafucine is natamycin. The whole point in the mechanism of its action is natamycin. It binds the sterols of cell membranes, violating their integrity and function, and leads to the death of harmful microorganisms. Therefore, natamycin is not actually absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, from the surface of the skin and mucous membranes. If the drug is taken in tablets, it acts only in the intestine.

The dose of the drug is prescribed by the doctor, he also considers the most acceptable form of release for a pregnant woman. For the future mother, as a rule, the best option is candles, but cases are frequent and when the drug is prescribed in other dosage forms.

The most common disease, in which Pimafucin is prescribed for pregnancy, is thrush. This is due to the fact that a woman on the background of pregnancy there is a change in the hormonal background. The immune system of the future mother is severely weakened, the natural defenses of the body, respectively, are reduced, and therefore often there are violations of the normal bacterial flora.

Side effects that may occur with Pimafucin are nausea, diarrhea (especially often occur in the first days of admission, as treatment - quickly pass).

As for the irritations on the skin, they are also possible. There is also the possibility of burning.

If the disease is chronic or neglected, then the cream Pimafucin may also be prescribed for the use, for example, of tablets. The prohibition on sexual life does not apply to physicians (unless, if there are no contraindications associated with the course of pregnancy), but it is very desirable to conduct a full survey of sexual partners. If the husband also has an infection, then he will have to undergo a course of treatment. In this case, when using sexual intercourse, it is very desirable to use barrier means of contraception.

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