Pimples on the face after childbirth

Acne on the face after childbirth - the reasons and how to get rid of them?

Why does acne appear on my face after giving birth?

The causes of the occurrence of unwanted rashes, as well as of any other phenomenon, can drastically differ. But most often newly mummies face a rash on the face due to significant changes in the hormonal background. Throughout pregnancy, the body rapidly increases the level of progesterone responsible for the condition of the skin, hair and nails. That is why the appearance of a woman waiting for a baby is always changing for the better. But after the long-awaited delivery, the amount of the hormone gradually decreases, which is often accompanied by a variety of rashes on the body. Once the body is fully restored, the condition of the epidermis is normalized, so it is not worth worrying.

It is also often many women are so deep in caring for a crumb that they completely forget about themselves. And the skin, as you know, needs a lot of attention, because otherwise it loses its elasticity and natural shade. It should be remembered, that regular application of a thick layer of decorative cosmetics to a neglected derma can not be called reasonable. In such a situation, the pores are completely clogged, and cells do not get access to oxygen, which provokes the appearance of unpleasant acne.

Another cause of acne is malnutrition. Young mothers should remember that during lactation, food should always be fresh and quality. But the abuse of all kinds of sweets, smoked products, too fatty and sharp products does not promise the body positive changes. Therefore, in the daily menu, the amount of harmful food should be kept to a minimum.

Especially often with the described problem, women who gave birth in hot time. Regular overheating, stuffiness in the room and excessive sweating in no way do the good for the new mom's body. On the surface of the face often develops a pathogenic microflora, which provokes the appearance of black spots, acne and pustules. To avoid this, it is recommended to regularly ventilate the room, wash more often and do not walk under the scorching sun.

You also need to make sure there is no allergy to the used makeup and all kinds of bathing gels. In the postpartum period, the organism undergoes a number of reconstructions and may react negatively to such remedies. Another possible cause of the rash is the intestinal dysbiosis.

It's hard to believe, but a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to the development of skin problems. If a woman rarely enough in the open air and spends time in a sitting position, then the circulation of blood is significantly impaired, and the tissues, in turn, do not receive the necessary amount of oxygen.

How to deal with pimples after childbirth?

The most correct decision will be visiting a dermatologist, as a specialist will be able to establish the true cause of the rash and possibly prescribe a number of drugs. You can try to solve the problem on your own. To do this, you need to be patient and go to the women's cosmetics store. There you can buy specially designed lotions and gels that will help get rid of acne in the shortest possible time. But there is no need to save on such funds, since poor-quality products can only exacerbate the problem.

It is important to wash your face regularly with cool water and carefully monitor hygiene. It is also recommended several times a day to wipe the surface of the face with special ice cubes. To do this, you need to cook the broth on the basis of a dry chamomile, calendula or eucalyptus, pour it into a mold and leave it to freeze. Thus, the pores will be cleared of excess fat, and the cells will receive additional nutrition.

Squeezing out pimples is strictly forbidden, as a newly mum can easily infect an infection in the body, which is really dangerous. If the rash is too painful for others, it is better to handle problem areas with salicylic alcohol (2%) or Zindol. These drugs dry the pustules and accelerate the healing process.

In addition to everything, it is desirable to periodically apply to the face of natural masks that deeply nourish the dermis, draw fat and contamination from the pores. For their preparation, you can use strawberries, cucumber, grapes, raspberries and apricots. It's enough just to grind the product - and the effective tool is ready. It is necessary to give preference to single-component masks, as this will reduce the risk of allergic reaction.

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