Planning a second pregnancy

How to prepare for the second pregnancy?

This, of course, not an absolute guarantee, but there is such a trend and statistics, so you can not get away from it. If the first to second birth takes at least three years, then the situation changes - children are born unisexual. Here is such a feature, so when planning a second pregnancy, pay attention to this fact.

This is not just a whim of scientists - so the woman's organism was programmed by nature itself. He needs time for rehabilitation after bearing and stressful birth of the first baby. This break will help to relax the body of a woman and gain strength for the continuation of the genus. Even at the time when the mother is breastfeeding, the so-called lactation period is formed, which gives a contraceptive effect and in the first six months after the birth of the first-born woman can not become pregnant. However, if during the breastfeeding she still became pregnant, then this should be alarmed, because this phenomenon is rather anomalous than usual. This pregnancy should be treated with extreme caution and always consult a doctor. So you will calm yourself and save the child.

Breastfeeding is stressful for the mother, she spends a lot of energy and energy with the first baby, and an additional pregnancy is another load.

If the first birth took place with caesarean section, then with the second pregnancy, the more you have to wait. Do not rush, it is necessary that the uterus formed and healed a full-fledged scar. Planning the birth of a second child you should with your gynecologist. He will tell you when and how to do it safer and less painful.

If you have long treated infertility, and then gave birth to the first-born, is it possible to hurry with the advent of a second child? Definitely - no! If after a normal birth you need 3-5 years to restore the body, then after a course of infertility treatment, this period should be at least a year longer. Be patient and rejoice that you already have one priceless gift. This will benefit both you and the child.

If you are still determined and decided to give birth a second time, have prepared for this step, then do not forget to prepare your first child, because it will become stress not only for you. The kid can be weird why mom and dad want another child than he (or she) does not like them. Why they need someone else besides him. Help to understand the child that the appearance of the second baby will bring positive, he can take care of him, worry, and in a few years they will be able to play together, walk and become best friends. The child needs this so that he does not feel deprived. Let the older child feel a certain responsibility for the future brother or sister.

However, not only the first child will feel that he is paid less attention. Often women begin to worry that because of the second pregnancy they forgot about the first-born and began to love it less! This is categorically not so. Appreciate this situation as an opportunity to approach the child with the pope, because more attention should now be paid to the child. And yet, this is a good chance to set the child to independence. If the older person is already 3-4 years old, explain that he must help you, clean up the toys, dress yourself and so on. The child must realize that they love him as much, but he must show his love.

In any case, do not pull to inform the kid about the replenishment. The earlier you tell him this, the more time a child will have to accept this idea and understand that it is not changed by another, and this is an incredible joy for everyone, including for him.

Now you already have the child's birth experience, you know how it should be and are actually ready. However, psychologists say that the second pregnancy is not any easier than the previous one. If the first time you had complications during pregnancy or there were some negative events, then you immediately project them and the second. Try to get rid of fears, understand the situation and adjust your emotional state. Physically, the second pregnancy is easier than the first. Changes in the body may differ from those that were the last time. You may have less intense toxicosis. Varicosity will manifest itself more strongly, than for the first time, after all veins and so are exhausted yes plus additional loading. You can get tired much more than during the first pregnancy. And there will be less time for rest, because you have to take care of the first child, which can be hyperactive, so you will not have time to rest. You can also increase pain in the pelvic joints, and you will have to spin for a long time so that you can settle in bed the way you feel comfortable.

The tummy may appear earlier than the first bearing. All because of the fact that the last time the walls of the uterus stretched and became elastic. In the second pregnancy the abdomen is located below, so do not worry - this is the norm. Also, mother will feel movement inside herself much earlier. If the first child Mom senses in the fifth month, the second baby will make itself felt at least three weeks earlier.

Big plus - the time of the second birth is much less than the first (only in cases of birth in a natural way). The first birth can last up to 24 hours, the second, due to the rapid expansion of the uterus, can become faster twice. But not only childbirth, but also prenatal labor will continue less. Take into account the fact that during the second pregnancy there are no preparatory fights. But why should you be afraid, because once you have already passed it, you have experience, you got rid of fear. Do not worry even that after giving birth you will not feel very well. It's only the first few days until the uterine contractions are strong. This is a sign that your uterus returns to the state in which it was before pregnancy. Tune in to the fact that pain can be strong and you will need drugs that calm pain.

Now you know the pros and cons. You know how to behave during pregnancy and what to do to keep the firstborn from psychological trauma. Take into account every argument, and if you decide to give the world one more life, then let you all succeed and pass easily.

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