Planning pregnancy after 35

How to plan a pregnancy after 35 years?

Yes, if a woman, reaching 35 years, reveals a desire to become a mother (especially if this pregnancy is her first), then preparation for it should be much more thorough, than with pregnancy, which occurred before 30 years. Pregnancy after 35 it is desirable to plan in advance - and in order to avoid increased risks, and to facilitate the course of pregnancy, that is, to protect the future baby from all sorts of unforeseen troubles. And risks, doctors remind, at pregnancy after 35 all the same is - and the more senior the woman, the more "accumulates" them.

Precisely increasing over the years, the dangers and cause punctual planning of pregnancy after 35. And it is advisable to begin preparation no later than six months before the planned conception, and even better - a year. This time should be enough to maximally cleanse the body of the accumulated over the years "obstacles" in the form of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, as well as pass all planned examinations, take tests, prepare the body physically and tune into pregnancy morally.

So, the planning of pregnancy after 35 begins already from the moment when the future mother thought about the birth of a baby. And already in the near future it is necessary to visit a physician-therapist, who will determine the state of health of the mother and the degree of readiness of the body to bear the baby. In this segment of the life course, the woman usually already has some irregularities in the normal functioning of organs and systems, increased risk of hypertension (especially if overweight is present), infections transmitted through the genital tract are possible. Corresponding examinations will make it possible to exclude any of these negative factors for pregnancy, and if detected, it is timely to eliminate.

Already half a year before the planned conception, attention should be paid to nutrition: the expectant mother should receive from food all the useful substances, vitamins and trace elements. Regular physical exercises are shown, with the help of which it will be possible to prepare the body for bearing and a happy birth of a baby. Physical exercise will also help to bring the weight back to normal, if necessary. It is mandatory to exclude such dangerous or toxic substances as alcohol, tobacco, and some medications. Refuse them at the stage of pregnancy planning after 35, and even during the gestation of a child, you need to forget about such substances.

The management of late pregnancy should be carried out under the supervision of a competent specialist, the search for which is also better to attend to in preparation for conception. By the way, if immediately from the first attempts to get pregnant it will not be possible, then one should not worry about this: with age, the uterus undergoes some changes, especially with regard to nulliparous women. Therefore, some couples, in order to conceive a baby after 35 years, will have some time to "work" on this.

As for the planned management of pregnancy after 35, the examination should be done regularly, following all the prescriptions of the doctor. It is known that after 35 years in women the risk of having a child with chromosomal abnormalities, namely Down's syndrome, significantly increases. Determine the deviation in the development of the fetus is now possible due to extensive examinations and the work of geneticists. Particular attention should be given to monitoring the blood sugar level of the future mother, because with age, the risk of diabetes of pregnant women increases. Also, the risk of miscarriage increases, so the doctor will follow very carefully the state of the uterus and the development of the baby. Be sure to exercise control over weight gain - normally it should not exceed more than 15-16 kilograms for the entire pregnancy, and if before pregnancy the weight of the woman was above the norm, then even less.

In addition to everything else - for example, constant monitoring of the condition of the pregnant woman and the development of the fetus - the expectant mother is simply obliged to eat normally, observing the rules of healthy eating. On the recommendation of the doctor, an additional intake of vitamin-mineral complexes, folic acid, is not superfluous. Physical activity is also shown during pregnancy: a suitable set of exercises can be selected together with a doctor. Walking in the fresh air, a positive attitude, enough rest and sleep, the exclusion of any irritating factors of the psyche - an indispensable condition for the normal gestation of the baby after 35 years. And do not hesitate to contact a doctor even with minor symptoms that worry the future mom. Let the symptoms even seem not so significant, but the timely access to specialists sometimes gives the chance to "play ahead of the curve", so even with any suspicious signs, it makes sense to immediately go to a consultation.

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