Planning pregnancy for men

Planning pregnancy for men

At the first stage of preparing for the future pregnancy of a woman, a man should be ready morally and want the appearance of a child.

The conception of the baby is the most crucial moment for the future of the pope and it is necessary to approach this with all seriousness. Be sure to do this before a doctor exams. First of all, one must go to a urologist and if there are any tips and recommendations, then unquestioningly adhere to them. If you can not conceive a child, the urologist will help you find the cause.

Also, when planning pregnancy, a man must pass tests for different sexual infections, even if he has never encountered a disease. Infection can be hidden and when it starts to develop, it may lead to inflammation. Among the recommended tests are called PCR-polymerase chain reaction, as well as analysis for toxoplasmosis. The latter is important not to neglect especially if you have animals.

Even if all tests are good, this is still not enough. Before the conception of the baby is better to strengthen the male body. This can be done by taking various vitamins, and thus getting rid of the deficiency of some trace elements. Especially the use of folic acid.

When a man wants to have a healthy child, then you need to give up harmful habits - smoking and drinking alcohol. It is important to consider that alcohol drunk before conception can adversely affect the physical and mental development of the baby's future. You can completely clean the male body of alcohol for three months.

As for smoking, tobacco destroys the cells of the body and leads to infertility. On the health of the child, it can also be reflected - a possible disruption of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors recommend abandoning all bad habits at least three months before the planned conception.

A healthy lifestyle is also very important. Let the man doing physical exercises every day and fully nourished, for this future offspring will thank him with a healthy smile.

Sedentary work and constant passive rest do not contribute to the conception of the baby. A man should pay attention to his clothes. Tight jeans and underwear disrupt blood circulation in the pelvis and lead to stagnation of blood in the vessels. And this has a bad effect on the possibility of conception. Violation of blood circulation can be associated with overheating. Therefore, warm trousers are contra-indicated, thick blankets are not necessary, too often go to baths and saunas.

But it's one thing to conceive a child, and another to love him sincerely. In order for a man to wake up his father's feelings for young people, one has to go to different training of parental pairs for the birth of a child. This will have a beneficial effect both on the relationship between the parents and will contribute to the appearance of the father's feelings for the man.

Even at the stage of pregnancy planning, the future dad should understand that the child will be born not only by the woman, but by them together. Active participation of a man at the first stage is very important not only for himself, but also for the future mother.

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