Polizinaks during pregnancy

Polizhinaks during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Polizhinaks during pregnancy: instruction

Polyginax is an antifungal antibiotic of a combined type. Produced in the form of candles, which every day before going to bed you need to enter the vagina in the presence of specific diseases. To those during pregnancy is, in the first place, vaginal candidiasis. Also, Polizinax is used to treat other infections caused by gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms: vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, cervicitis.

Polizinax can be used to sanitize the birth canal before childbirth and to prepare the reproductive organs for surgical interventions.

The drug is aimed not only at destroying the causative agent of the disease, but also on the elimination of unpleasant symptoms accompanying thrush: itching and inflammation in the genital area. In addition, Polizinaks contributes to better blood nailing in these areas, which improves costanding tissues and mucous membrane.

With a prophylactic goal, the course of treatment lasts 6 days, if Polizinaks is used as a treatment, then the duration of use is 12 days. The capsule is inserted deep into the vagina, which is convenient to do in a position lying on the back. It is necessary to know that allergic reactions, although possible, are rare. Among them may be itching, burning, swelling, redness, irritation and other manifestations of local allergies.

During pregnancy, the regimen of application and the duration of the course of treatment should be prescribed only by the doctor in each individual case - individually! Self-treatment with Polizinax is unacceptable, and babies bearing babies are categorically forbidden! Before applying these candles, It is necessary to pass a smear from the vagina to determine the sensitivity of microflora.

Specialists call Poliginax an excellent and curative, and a preventive tool for getting rid of inflammatory diseases of the vagina. This is confirmed by patients who have been treated with Polizinax: they note that the drug eliminates symptoms and effectively cures microflora disorders. But if in a normal state this medicine does not threaten any consequences for a woman, what kind of action does it have on her, when she is preparing to become a mother, and on the growing small organism inside her?

Can poly-lynax be used during pregnancy?

Despite the fact that Polizhinaks is a topical preparation and almost does not enter the blood from the surface of the vagina, during pregnancy, he is appointed with extreme caution. This is explained by the fact that there is still not enough clinical data regarding Polizinaks that would indicate its safety for mom and baby. Moreover, the formulation includes unwanted, and even toxic to the fetus, neomycin and polymyxin. And, nevertheless, many doctors prescribe pregnant women Polizhinaks as a cure. In this case, it should be used only on the recommendation and under the strict supervision of a doctor.

At the first stages of pregnancy, Polizhinax is contraindicated, as well as almost all medicines. But closer to childbirth to use it as a healing agent is allowed, and its application gives a quick and reliable effect. Besides, Candles Polizhinaks are used directly right before delivery, almost in the last days: the remedy quickly corrects the flora of the vagina and eliminates the threat of fungi for the baby.

Whether to make a choice in favor of treatment with Polizinax during pregnancy, it is up to the woman and the treating doctor to decide. Although the drug is not recommended for use during childbearing, many experts are sure: the threat from vaginal infection far exceeds the hypothetical threat, not confirmed, but not refuted, from the use of Polizinax. If nevertheless the pregnant woman categorically does not wish to risk, she always has an opportunity to refuse treatment by Polizhinaxom and to ask the doctor to replace this medicinal preparation with another. Fortunately, today the spectrum of antifungal and antibacterial agents of local treatment, which are allowed for use during pregnancy, is wide enough, and therefore there is something to choose from.

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