Polyphepanum during pregnancy

Polyphepan in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Briefly about the preparation Polyphepan

This medicine belongs to the group of enterosorbents. Its main active ingredient is hydrolyzed lignin. The preparation is produced in the form of granules, pastes, powder for the preparation of suspension, powder for internal administration and tablets.

As for the pharmacological action of Polyphepan, it is the binding of microorganisms and products of their vital activity, toxins and allergens, heavy metals and radioactive isotopes with the removal of them from the gastrointestinal tract. The drug has an enterosorbent and detoxifying action. Polyphepan - antidiarrhoeic and antioxidant agent, which compensates for the deficiency of dietary fiber in our food and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. If we compare the effect of Polyphepanum and antibacterial drugs, then it does not develop dysbiosis.

Very often this medication is used for weight loss, in particular for cleaning the liver and gall bladder, intestines from harmful substances. After all, in the slagged organism, the digestive processes are slowed down and, possibly, broken. This also applies to lipid metabolism. Polyphepan is a natural polymer that works like a broom for the body, sweeping out harmful substances from our intestines, cleaning it at a deep level. That is, for weight loss Polyphepan is also useful. Analogues of Polyphepan are activated carbon and Enterosgel.

Who appoints Polyphepan?

Indications for the use of this drug is the presence of acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases. These are diarrheal disorders and food poisoning, diarrhea and dysbacteriosis, viral hepatitis and dysentery, salmonella and colitis. Prescribe the drug and with gestosis, liver, kidney failure.

Allergy is also an indication for the use of Polyphepan, namely urticaria, food and drug allergies. In gynecology the drug is used for bacterial colpitis and cervicitis, bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis.

In dentistry, this medicine is used to treat generalized periodontitis, periodontitis and stomatitis.

Contraindications to its use are sensitivity to the drug, constipation and an anatomic gastritis. If a person has diabetes, the drug is prescribed with caution. After taking it, side effects such as allergies and constipation are possible.

Usually this medicine is prescribed before meals for an hour and a half. Its daily dose to an adult is up to 6, 4 g (16 tablets). The course of treatment with Polyphepanum is up to 7 days.

For gynecological diseases, paste is prescribed topically, spreading in the arches and on the walls of the vagina by injecting a tampon for 2 hours. The course of treatment for genital dysbiosis - 20 tampons.

Can Polyphepan be pregnant?

In the instructions to this medicine does not appear that during pregnancy it can not be used.

Usually Polyphepan is used in pregnancy toxicosis. He is appointed with caution and taken under medical supervision. At the women's forums, reviews about this drug are positive, they used it to ascertain the effectiveness of the drug and the lack of side effects. But this does not mean that a pregnant woman can buy and treat herself. It should be prescribed by a doctor, and self-treatment when carrying a baby is unacceptable.

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