Poses for sex during pregnancy

The safest poses for sex during pregnancy

And although at times a doctor can recommend abstinence from sexual intercourse for a while, and there are contraindications to sex during pregnancy, but in most cases, to give up physical intimacy simply does not make sense. The only thing is better to always choose comfortable and safer sex positions during pregnancy, which will eliminate pressure on the woman's growing belly and do not pose a threat to the developing baby in the mother's womb. At each term of pregnancy, the most convenient position is for sex. Let them not so much, and sex is desirable cautious and gentle, but here sensations thus at times exceed any expectations. Loving each other "physically" while waiting for the baby to the future parents can and should, of course, choosing the most optimal sex positions during pregnancy.

For example, You can use one of the variants of the traditional "missionary" posture, though adapted with the condition of a growing abdomen. "Modification" of this position is that, having sex, a man leans on his outstretched hands and knees, which allows to exclude pressure on the woman's stomach.

Welcome to sex during pregnancy and the position "woman on top": in this position, the partner herself can control the depth of penetration. If in connection with the abdomen the pregnant woman experiences a certain load, a man can use his knees and hips as a support - so the partner will be able to concentrate on movements and not experience discomfort. Another option for this position is sex on the chair: in this case, the support for the pregnant woman will be a highchair on which the man sits, and already on him, the woman is widely spreading the hips. On long terms, when the stomach is already large enough, a woman in this position can sit back to the man.

When pregnant, the "doggy style" position can also be used, although it is also slightly modified. During pregnancy, physical intimacy in such a posture involves copulation when partners are on their knees. It is desirable that the pillow should be placed under the woman's belly. In this position, pressure on the stomach is excluded, the chest also rests, and partners can control the depth of penetration freely.

From the list of convenient postures for sex during pregnancy, you can safely use the position "on your side." In this position, you can lie face to face with a partner, lifting the load from the abdomen and supporting the uterus, as well as watching the expression on the face of a loved one. You can use the pose "on your side" and in the position - the man behind: the woman in this case lies on her side, the partner enters from behind, while maintaining a part of her weight. This pose is considered one of the safest until the last months of pregnancy, because it not only excludes pressure on the stomach, but also does not provide for very deep penetration, which in late terms is important enough.

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