Poses for the conception of a child

What are the best poses for conceiving a child?

Future parents are recommended to have a regular sex life, but have sex not more than a day later. Especially favorable time for conception of the baby - for 5 days before ovulation and 1 day after. It should be noted that male spermatozoa are most active about 17 hours, so this time is the best time for conception of the baby.

As for the poses for the conception of the baby, the most important rule, which should be taken into account in this matter - to do only that which brings pleasure. If any of the postures you do not like, and you feel uncomfortable, then do not practice it. After all, during the conception of the baby you should not be nervous and experiencing stress, which is the first obstacle in the planning of the child. Also, do not hurry up and take sex as a necessary occupation for the conception of the baby - have fun, relax, think about love and then the conception will be successful.

So, let's consider what poses are considered the best for conception?

Choosing postures for the conception of the long-awaited child is better to avoid those in which sperm leakage occurs. The main task in choosing a posture is to maximize close contact, at which the spermatozoa are given the opportunity to penetrate as deeply as possible into the "destination".

The most recommended poses for conceiving a child are:

  • "missionary" - a woman from below;
  • "The man from behind" is a woman lying on her side;
  • "dogi-style" - a woman, kneeling, a man from behind;

It is important to consider that the simplest "missionary" posture is considered to be the best for conception, as the sperm immediately enters the cervix. And in this pose of sperm gets much more than in others.

Also, there are a number of recommendations when choosing postures for conception, taking into account physiological features:

  • if a woman has a uterine bend, it is recommended that the knee-elbow position when the man is behind;
  • if the cervix is ??located just above or below the uterus, then choose a pose on the woman's back, a man from above;
  • if a woman has ovarian inflammation during the planning period, the uterus may be slightly turned to the side. In this case, it is recommended to choose a pose for conception of the child, at which the woman will lie on the side where the uterus is turned.
  • if the uterus is of small size, it is recommended to place a pillow under the buttocks, press the knees to the chest, and lift the legs.

In conclusion, several more recommendations for sexual intercourse for conception of the child:

  • it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse in the bathroom, bath or pool;
  • Before conception, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, especially in large quantities;
  • after sex do not rush to get up - rest with your loved one, relax;
  • Place a pillow under the buttocks to strengthen the "work" of the spermatozoa.

And again: do not focus on the conception of the baby. After all, the constant thoughts about the future child, even during sex, provoke nervous tension and stress, which in no way are assistants in the planning of the baby. Therefore, enjoy the close contact with your loved one, think about love, be natural and calm, and then the result will not keep you waiting, we assure you of this!

Good luck in achieving your goal and a happy pregnancy!

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