Positive pregnancy test

When there is a positive pregnancy test

To begin with, we will discuss the problem of mixed feelings, after the pregnancy test showed a positive result. To experience ambivalent feelings is quite natural, because you have encountered something new, unexplored, and even if you have been waiting for this event for a long time, as a rule, it is very difficult to believe that all this happened to you. In addition, the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can be manifested by a change in mood. Therefore, try to calm down and do not give a change of mood of special significance. Allow yourself to cry or laugh heartily - all mood swings are natural and understandable.

The next item that worries a woman after a pregnancy test showed a positive result is fear and excitement before a new life with a baby, experiences for their health and figure. Experiencing fears is also natural in your situation, but you do not need to aggravate the situation with negative thoughts. Of course, changes in your figure are inevitable. However, it is not necessary to adjust yourself to the fact that now you will become fat and ugly.

First, pregnant women are very cute and attractive if they take care of themselves. Therefore, from the very first day, give your word that even on maternity leave you will visit a hairdresser, do a manicure, take care of the skin of the face and body and wear lovely and beautiful things for pregnant women, especially dresses. After all, pregnancy is not a disease, but a new, magical period in your life that will give you new sensations and change the worldview for the better.

Secondly, if you are worried about the fact, that during pregnancy, gain weight, we recommend that you immediately after the pregnancy state, develop a correct and balanced nutrition program and organize a moving mode of the day. Observing these rules, you do not have to fear that you will gain excess weight, and immediately after delivery, you will note that your figure has returned to normal in a matter of days.

Another fear that women visit after the news of their own pregnancy is the fear of childbirth.

To be afraid of pain - it is only natural, however, to panic at the thought of the forthcoming births is by no means possible.

First, childbirth is a natural process, therefore nature itself has taken care of you to be able to give birth to your baby on your own. Thus, we must understand that pain at delivery is completely tolerable, especially, that millions of women quite successfully give birth.

Secondly, if you can cope with the fear of childbirth, then in today's medicine there is a method of anesthesia, like epidural anesthesia. So, with a strong desire, you can ask your doctor to give birth under anesthesia.

Thirdly, thousands of articles have been written about the fear of childbirth and more than one book has been published. You can use the literature and read that labor without pain is not a fairy tale, but a real fact about which many mothers write. In addition, you will learn that intolerable torments and infernal pain, nothing more than fiction. Yes, we will not hide, the process of delivery is really painful, but not so much that you could not stand it. Every woman can calmly endure both labor and labor - remember this and do not give in to panic.

In conclusion, we note that any experiences that you visit after a positive pregnancy test - it is quite natural. Do not be afraid of mood changes, do not shut yourself up. Share your experiences with loved ones, consult with friends who have already become moms, have the support of loved ones and be calm - you will cope with everything. Well, in order to escape from negative thoughts and enjoy the "interesting position" - walk in the fresh air, watch your favorite movies, communicate with friends and have fun from everything that is happening!

We, in turn, congratulate you on such a solemn event, we wish you a comfortable pregnancy and easy births!

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