Postnatal stitches: how to care for them, to avoid complications

Postnatal stitches: how to care for them, to avoid complications

They are divided into external and internal, depending on the overlap zone.

Internal is applied at ruptures of a neck of a uterus or walls of a vagina. When sewing the last woman in labor, local anesthesia is administered. Most often, the seams are made with threads that dissolve themselves, they do not need to be removed. As for the outer, they are imposed on the perineum in cases of ruptures in the process of delivery or artificial dissection. Often, doctors do exactly the incisions to prevent breaks. After all, the edges of the incisions are even, so that they heal more quickly. External seams are also superimposed under local anesthesia.

In the first days after childbirth, the midwife handles the woman's external seams. She lubricates them twice a day with a solution of brilliant greens or potassium permanganate. After discharge from the maternity hospital, the woman must continue this treatment on her own. And it is desirable to do this after each hygienic procedure.

As for internal seams, they do not need special care if the woman does not have infectious diseases. But this she must take care of before pregnancy, in extreme cases, in the process of bearing a child.

Whatever woman is stitched, the field of birth should be very neat with the emptying of the intestine. After all, sometimes the act of defecation can overtax the growing tissues. In general, ideally with the first urge to immediately put a glycerin candle or enema. It is necessary to wash off after each emptying of the intestine and bladder. In the evening and in the morning soap is used for this. To wash out it is necessary to do under a shower, instead of in a basin with water that water dripped and procedure came to an end with pure water. All this is part of the events at the seams, which must be strictly implemented. It is also recommended to change the hygiene pad every two hours, even if it, according to the mother, can last longer. This is necessary so that bacteria and microbes do not multiply, the perineum remains dry.

In such cases, the best variant of underwear will be disposable panties made of material that breathes. If there is no such linen, then it is recommended to wear cotton at such a period. Do not wear shorts immediately after the shower, air baths are good for children's skin, and for healing wounds. Also note that the seams do not need to be rubbed with a towel. It is necessary only to soak them or wait until they dry completely. In no case during this period you can not wear pulling underwear, because the tightening interferes with the normal blood flow, and therefore, and healing of damaged skin. Therefore, give preference to health and normal recovery, rather than attractiveness of appearance after childbirth.

No less important is abstinence from sitting. Take a sitting posture will be possible only after ten days, at least. This is the average period of healing of the joints. If the process takes place without complications, then it will be possible to quietly sit on a hard surface. And during the first days of rest doctors advise lying or half-sitting. It is forbidden to make sharp movements.

It happens that the seams diverge. In this case, they are re-applied.

Possible situation of inflammation or suppuration of postpartum sutures. Then the ointment of Vishnevsky or Levomikol is used.

As for the painfulness of the internal seams, then this phenomenon normally occurs two days after birth. Usually, at the time of discharge, the woman does not feel any pain. But the external seams will make themselves felt a little longer. The more carefully you take care of sutures, the sooner they will stop ache and heal.

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