Potatoes during pregnancy

Potato during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

Potato benefits and harm during pregnancy

It should be taken into account that in 100 grams of this vegetable contains 76 kilocalories, of which proteins are 2, 1 gram, carbohydrates 16, 2, fats - 0, 5. With regard to the vitamin composition, that is, in the vegetable vitamins C and PP, A and H, B6 and B5, B2 and B1, B9 (folic acid, which in 100 grams contains 8.4 ?g). In addition to vitamins, potatoes are rich in potassium and phosphorus, calcium and sodium, iron and zinc, copper and fluorine, iodine and chromium.

Based on this composition, it can be stated that potato during pregnancy is a full meal, but in moderation. So, the presence of folic acid in it helps to protect the fetus from possible disorders in the development of the nervous system, the saturation of the potassium vegetable is the support of the work of the woman's heart. Phosphorus and calcium contribute to the healthy formation of the musculoskeletal system of the baby, vitamins A and C as antioxidants save the future mummy from colds and other diseases.

Liquid mashed potatoes in the pregnant menu are useful for the stomach, especially if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It should be noted the ability of potatoes to alkalize the body, remove acids, toxins, wastes.

As for the harm of potatoes during pregnancy, it is its excessive consumption of stewed and fried. This type of heat treatment of this vegetable is harmful to women who are prone to weight gain or have already gained it during the bearing of the child.

It is not recommended to eat potatoes for dinner because it can cause fermentation in the intestine, especially if cooked with a lot of fat. The best way to heat the vegetable during pregnancy is cooking and baking.

Serious damage to the future mother can and sprouted tubers of potatoes, which contain poisonous substance salonin. In sprouted tubers, it's a lot. You can not use pregnant green tubers. Also potatoes in the menu are forbidden to pregnant women suffering from diabetes.

The old potato tubers contain a lot of starch, which makes such food heavy for digesting the stomach of a future mother.

You need to use potatoes during pregnancy in moderation and in small portions, combining it with greens, fish.

Potential use of potatoes during pregnancy

Useful properties of potatoes pregnant women can use and for medicinal purposes. For example, with gastritis and heartburn, which often torments pregnant women, you can consume freshly squeezed vegetable juice. He is drunk 100 grams an hour before meals with a course of ten days.

Often, future mothers suffer from colds and tonsillitis (tonsillitis). To treat the sore throat and facilitate swallowing, you can use potato juice. It is combined with an infusion of chamomile 1: 1 and rinse the throat. Antiseptic effect of chamomile in combination with starchy potato substances produces a healing effect on tonsils.

Often, future mothers have to deal with skin lesions, burns while cooking. In such cases, compresses from potato slurry will be indispensable. You can immediately apply a cut potato tuber to the burn.

Future mother as an external application of potatoes will help to remove bags under the eyes. They appear in pregnant women, suffering from swelling in the morning. For this purpose, the clean potato should be grated on a fine grater. Lightly squeeze the juice and put it under the eyes for 10 minutes. This is a very effective and affordable means of taking care of the appearance of a pregnant woman.

So, in the menu of pregnant potatoes is useful in moderate doses, use it and as a medicinal folk remedy.

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