Prayer for the Matrona of Moscow

Prayer for the Matrona of Moscow

And we are used to differently. Physical ailments are being tried with pills, injections & hellip; And do not even think about how, that all bodily diseases come from mental illnesses. And they can be treated only by repentance and prayer.

The believer does not even think about the power of prayer. He simply prays and trusts in the Lord with faith and hope of salvation. The all-merciful Savior hears our prayer and comes to the rescue at any moment.

After all, there are so many cases when it was faith and prayer that gave childless families a long-awaited child.

In our time there are no miracles - you will say. But that's not true. According to our faith, we will be rewarded.

Therefore, lovely women, believe, pray and soon you will experience with nothing the incomparable joy of motherhood.

How to pray? Whom to pray to? - many will ask. There are several answers. But the main one is - pray sincerely, having cleansed his soul from sins. Often it is our sinful life that leads to problems and to infertility including.

So it has become customary that in various needs we turn to the saints for help. It is their petition before the Lord that helps us in life's difficulties.

If you want to get pregnant - ask for help from the Theotokos. She - the mother of all mothers - will understand and help you.

You can also pray blessed Matrona of Moscow. She is the Great Servant of God. Before her death, the Holy One said: "Everybody, all come to me and tell me how alive, about your sorrows, I will see and hear you, and help you." To this day, people in various troubles and sorrows turn to Matronushka for help. They are treated with such a prayer:

"Oh, blessed mother Matrona, To your representation we resort and we cry tearfully. For the one who possesses is more bold in the Lord, pour out a warm prayer for your servants, in the tribulation of those who are more dull and help from you asking. Verily, the Lord's word: ask and be given to you and the pack: for if two of you are to be gathered from you, to the earth about any thing, it is even asked, it will be from My Father, who is in Heaven. Hear our panting and bring us to the throne of the Lord, and you are vigilant in vain, as a prayer of the righteous can do much before God. May the Lord forget us not to the end, but he will look from heaven on high to the tribulation of His servants, and will bear the fruit of the womb for useful things. Truly, Goddess wants, such, God created Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joachim and Anne, with him, they prayed. Let the Lord God also do this for us, according to his mercy and ineffable philanthropy. Bless the name of the Lord blessed from now and forever. Amen.

Oh blessed mother Matrono, soul in heaven before the Throne of God are up, body on the ground are resting, and these are given with grace different miracles emanate. Today, with your gracious eye, sinful, in sorrows, sickness and sinful temptations, Now you have mercy on us, desperate, heal our ailments, from God, by our sins, by our sins, deliver us from many troubles and circumstances, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and sins, from our youth, even to the present day and hour by sin, and through your prayers receiving grace and great mercy, we glorify in the Trinity the One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever and ever and ever. Amen.

About the blessed ascetic of Christ, Mother Matrono! We now fall and resort to your representation, and humbly ask you: many afflictions and illnesses in your life have suffered, see also our grief and illness, our strength is impoverished in us, we can neither do heroic deeds nor pray with zeal. Breathe out for us to the Lord and pray for Him, may He be gracious to us and heal our sicknesses that are not in vain, save our lives in peace and silence, and for your prayers and warm intercession will gather us in His Kingdom with all the saints to glorify God for ever and ever. Amen".

You can pray also in your own words. The main thing - pray sincerely, pray always and everywhere. God will hear your prayer! Believe it!

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