Pregnancy after abortion

Planning pregnancy after abortion - how and when you can?

Abortion is termed an artificial termination of pregnancy, but only when the period did not exceed 12 weeks. After this period, the embryo extraction operation is called artificial delivery. The essence of abortion, no matter how it is done, is that the doctor, through the woman's cervical canal, extracts the embryo from the uterus. During the procedure, the risk of various injuries is great, because the extension of the canal is forcible. Particularly traumatic birthmarks of young nulliparous women.

Can I get pregnant after an abortion?

Fortunately, in most cases - yes. But in fact, the answer to the question of "whether to get pregnant after an abortion" depends on many factors: the age of the woman, the state of her health, the method and quality of the operation to terminate the pregnancy. After all, conditionally speaking, Tatyana in her 25 years, at the age of 7 weeks, has made an abortion, in 6 months she can become pregnant and have a healthy baby, and her one-year-old Luda after an abortion at 7 week for the rest of her life will remain barren. . .

Fortunately, doctors soothe, such "People" - one for ten "Tan". But such a statement can hardly serve as a reassurance, because you never know which group you belong to. Therefore, when deciding on abortion, but thinking about the future all the same give birth to your children, it is worth thinking about: and maybe letting the baby choose when to be born, and not to delay this event in time?

However, in the risk group, teenagers and adult nulliparous women, as well as women with inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, or with the complex and pathological structure of reproductive organs are at risk of becoming pregnant after abortion.

It is known that during the mechanical cleaning the mucous membrane of the uterus is injured. Therefore, when the subsequent fertilization occurs, the egg can not attach to the inner layer of the uterine surface. But, even if attached, it is not a fact that she will be able to eat properly, because the integrity of the vascular layer of the uterus, which supplies the placenta with the necessary nutrition, is disrupted during the operation.

Experts argue that it is easier to get pregnant after an abortion, produced by a medicamentous method, that is, when a woman takes a pill provoking a pregnancy breakdown. But this method, although less traumatic, is not always possible, since it is carried out at early stages. The onset of pregnancy after such an abortion is more likely.

Complications after abortion and during subsequent pregnancy

Complications arising after abortion can be divided into two groups: psychological and physiological. And physiological conditionally divided into two groups: affecting the body of women and affecting subsequent pregnancy.

So, based on this, we list the possible complications.

For an abortion, a woman is abnormal:

  • a failure of the hormonal background and a violation of the hormonal cycle;
  • a metabolic disorder, that promotes a strong set of weight or vice versa - exhaustion;
  • failure of the menstrual cycle;
  • various diseases of the mammary glands (for example, mastitis);
  • infection and inflammation of the internal genital organs;
  • erosion of the cervix, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, dysplasia, tumor diseases.

All of the above complications often cause infertility.

If a woman is diagnosed with "ischemic-cervical insufficiency," pregnancy after pregnancy will usually result in spontaneous abortion. With this diagnosis, the cervix can not hold the fetus in the cavity. However, in this case, you can correct the situation by putting seams on the cervix, which will help keep it closed. But the difficulty in this case is that doctors are not always aware of the problem, and therefore do not take the necessary measures.

If during the operation to remove the embryo has reached the perforation of the walls of the uterus, doctors have to make a decision to remove the uterus, because otherwise a woman's life can not be saved.

For a fetus the previous abortion of the mother is dangerous:

  • incorrect attachment of the fetal egg;
  • delayed fetal growth, because of defects in the inner layer of the uterus, the formation of defects in the placenta, which leads to a lack of oxygen and nutrients that enter the child;
  • various mental diseases, inferiority.

Pregnancy after abortion. When?

In rare cases, pregnancy can occur only one month after the abortion. Any gynecologist will say in this regard that this is one of the most unfortunate examples, because the body of a woman will have to be extremely difficult. Moreover, a non-restored organism can simply not tolerate this pregnancy: the probability of bleeding or miscarriage is very high. If the fetus was able to endure, various infections and pathologies are possible.

The optimal time for follow-up after abortion is 6 months. During this time, as a rule, the body of a woman comes back to normal, the hormonal background is leveled. True, there are times when this time is not enough. Therefore, planning a pregnancy after an abortion, it is better to do this, after consulting with a doctor who will conduct the examination and, if necessary, will prescribe the treatment and the necessary training.

Planning pregnancy after abortion: what you need to know about

If a woman decides to get pregnant after an abortion, first of all she needs to visit a gynecologist. The doctor will make the necessary studies to make sure that the body is ready to bear the child and nothing can stop this process. First of all, it will be necessary to pass an ultrasound examination, to pass tests for diseases that are sexually transmitted, to check the hormonal background. In parallel, the doctor will prescribe the intake of vitamins, and also advise to establish the correct food regime, excluding sweet, spicy, floury and fatty, alcohol and, of course, smoking. He will also advise you to have a rest and to be outdoors. And, one of the important instructions, tune in to positive, that very soon a woman will hold her crumb in her arms and fully feel the joy of motherhood.

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