Pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy

How to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy?

Doctors warn: pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy is possible, but requires careful and long preparation and attentive attitude of a woman to her own health and condition. For women who underwent surgery due to ectopic pregnancy, the chances of getting pregnant again are reduced by half. Besides, repeated pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy may very likely result in another ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. However, conceiving a baby after an ectopic pregnancy is entirely possible - it all depends on the state of the woman's health, her desire, responsibility and willingness to comply with all the rules prescribed in this case.

How to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy

The question of pregnancy planning after ectopic pregnancy comes to the fore - planning with the mandatory participation of medical specialists, and planning a long-term. So, pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy will have to be postponed for at least half a year, and better - for a year or two: the body needs to be "in order" and improve, reproductive organs give time for rest and recovery. Typically, doctors are recommended to be protected after ectopic pregnancy through oral contraceptives, the most suitable of which can be selected with the help of a doctor. First, oral contraceptives are considered to be one of the most reliable methods of preventing the onset of an unexpected pregnancy, and secondly, to stop their use, the ovaries begin to "work" much better, thereby accelerating the onset of a repeat pregnancy.

Obligatory order after the elimination of ectopic pregnancy must undergo a medical examination for the detection of pathological conditions of the uterine tube. To establish the degree of patency of pipes, to exclude possible formation of adhesions will help ultrasound. Also with the help of ultrasound it is necessary to exclude the presence of benign tumors, cysts, fibroids, which can be both a cause of ectopic pregnancy, and its consequence.

After a successful elimination of an ectopic pregnancy, it is absolutely necessary to undergo an endocrinological examination, especially since hormonal problems may well precede the ectopic pregnancy itself. In the case of its diagnosis, the risk of encountering endocrinological disorders increases. A necessary step will be an examination for possible chronic inflammation, tests for sexual infections, chlamydia, gonorrhea.

The first two or three months after an ectopic pregnancy, doctors generally recommend that you lead the most sparing lifestyle: more rest and less work, eat right. If a woman is having a difficult ectopic pregnancy, it is advisable to seek help from a psychologist: an expert will help less painfully to experience what has happened and overcome the psychological barrier. In parallel with special attention it is necessary to concern to own health: it is high-grade to have a rest, enough to fall asleep, to be nervous less and more to relax, to change a diet in favor of healthy food, will get rid of possible bad habits.

During the recovery of the body and the subsequent planning of pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy, regular examinations will be necessary for the gynecologist to monitor the condition of the woman. For a year or two there will be an opportunity to undergo a complete examination and exclude possible complications of an ectopic pregnancy, in which a repeated pregnancy will be unlikely. With the consent of the doctor after the recommended period and in the absence of contraindications, you can resume attempts to become pregnant again. In this case, doctors are strongly advised to minimize probable stress and nervous states: anxiety and anxiety can lead to a new ectopic pregnancy with a high probability.

IVF after ectopic pregnancy

Even despite the best and most thorough preparation for pregnancy, a new conception after an ectopic pregnancy may not occur. Unfortunately, the risks are quite high, because on the remaining fallopian tubes and ducts, scars and adhesions can be formed with high probability because of the embryo removal operation. They can become a serious obstacle on the way to the happiness of motherhood. In the absence of other problems with the conception of an egg with a spermatozoon, the formed fetal egg will simply not be able to overcome the path to the uterus for attachment to its wall. The passage of the fallopian tubes due to the transferred ectopic pregnancy is often violated, and attempts to become pregnant again may not be successful for this reason. Often women do not even suspect that they are conceiving, but pregnancy is immediately interrupted - bleeding occurs, which many perceive as a regular menstruation.

If after the ectopic pregnancy both uterine tubes were removed, then there is no chance for an independent natural conception of the child. But you can not be depressed! The level of modern medicine in recent years has grown so much that it became possible not only to conceive and give birth to a child, even when a couple (or separately a man or woman) was diagnosed with infertility, but also the selection of the best, strong, healthy embryo of a certain sex! And this possibility provides ECO - in vitro fertilization. The essence of the method is that a potential mother "grows" a few eggs, withdraws them from the ovaries and in a test tube, where the optimal conditions are maintained, is combined with the spermatozoa of the future father. To increase the chances of a favorable outcome, several eggs are usually used. To make them better ripe, a woman pre-hormonal therapy. In general, a couple who decided on fertilization by this method is thoroughly examined and prepared for the forthcoming pregnancy.

Embryos formed in vitro are studied at a high molecular level for the presence of pathologies, abnormalities, abnormalities in formation and the risk of serious disorders and diseases, including Down's syndrome. For the implantation, the most "qualitative" samples are chosen in the uterus, and if desired by the spouses it can be embryos of a certain sex. Since not all of them and do not always survive, several women are injected into the uterus. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the method, since IVF often develops a multiple pregnancy. However, the couple may decide to remove one or more embryos, but the risks of miscarriage or death of the remaining significantly increase.

ECO is a great opportunity for a woman to realize herself as a mother, if after an ectopic pregnancy you can not conceive a child on your own. But, unfortunately, this method is quite expensive, and the guarantees are not high. Pregnancy through IVF occurs only in a third of all cases, but these 30-35% do not always end with childbirth. But the method is safe for a woman and can be applied several times - until the desired result is achieved. By the way, embryos that are not used for the first time are often preserved, and even if a woman does not mature her own eggs, she can use donor ones.

Experts reassure: pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy is quite possible. The main thing is to trust the doctor, follow his recommendations and follow the instructions, lead a healthy lifestyle and think less about the bad. And it is necessary - to believe in a favorable outcome and in that, that dreams of a child, in spite of everything, will inevitably become a reality.

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