Pregnancy after GHA

When it is possible to plan pregnancy after GHA?

When setting a disappointing diagnosis of infertility, the GHA will be one of the first diagnostic examinations to which a woman will be directed. At the very beginning of this path, it is necessary to exclude poor passableness of the fallopian tubes (due to the formation of adhesions and scars), which can be the reason for the woman's inability to conceive. In addition, doctors recommend to undergo this procedure also because it is after the GHA that many women manage to conceive a baby.

Thus, the GHA is both a diagnostic and, in some way, a medical procedure. Because in addition to obtaining a real picture with patency of the fallopian tubes, the woman also raises her chances for the long-awaited conception of the baby.

Probability of pregnancy after GHA

It is quite obvious that if the patency of the fallopian tubes is not violated, the cause of female infertility lies in something else. And, of course, the GHA in this case will be useful only in that it excludes the probable obstruction from the "list of suspects" - it will be necessary to look further into what the problem is.

However, if some obstacles to the promotion of a fertilized egg to the uterus do exist, they can disappear after the GHA. The procedure itself helps to "clear" the fallopian tubes, improve their motor skills and restore their normal patency. Very often, to get pregnant, it is enough to make the GHA. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of women who have given birth to healthy children precisely because of the passage of this procedure.

Several words should be mentioned about the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy after the GHA. It does not exceed the average. In this case, the risks or chances of pregnancy are increasing in principle. A ectopic can occur as a result of changes in the tubes, which are absolutely not related to hysterosalpinography. However, it is better to be safe and visit a gynecologist as soon as the pregnancy test is positive or you will feel the first signs of pregnancy in order to be sure of the correct implantation of the fetal egg.

Is it possible to become pregnant after the GHA?

Practice shows, that pregnancy after GHA, if the reason for infertility was precisely the obstruction of the tubes, it is possible in the same menstrual cycle that the procedure was performed. But such an outcome, oddly enough, may be undesirable. Moreover, it is not uncommon for doctors to advise women to terminate a pregnancy that occurred immediately after the GHA.

It's all about the high doses of X-rays that a woman undergoes during the procedure. They can have a very negative impact on the development of the fetus, and therefore the doctor is obliged to warn his ward that within a month after the GHA (X-ray method) she needs to be protected in order to prevent pregnancy in the current cycle.

If an ECHO-GHA (ultrasound) method was performed, then there are no risks associated with the onset of pregnancy. In general, the probability of pregnancy after the GHA remains quite high for several months after the procedure.

We wish you such an outcome!

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