Pregnancy after medical abortion

Is it possible to become pregnant after a medical abortion?

That is why at the very beginning of our article we want to call upon all women not to resort to this greatest sin. If you are only thinking, then stop until it's too late! About the abortion, absolutely all women regret, the only difference is that in each case it takes a different time. Just read the stories and reviews that tell us about the bitter experience of medical abortion. This is the greatest blow to women's health, as well as a huge risk to remain for life barren, sick and no one needs.

And now we want to address those who are forced to interrupt pregnancy on medical grounds. Unfortunately, such cases also occur, and here one should heed the advice of doctors. If pregnancy threatens your health and life, then you do not have to choose. However, far from everything is lost for you. Examples of successful conception and bearing of children after the artificial termination of pregnancy are also quite a lot. Alas, to predict, whether you will be able to conceive in the future, it is certainly impossible. But there is always a chance! Moreover, in many women, pregnancy after medical abortion occurs almost immediately.

Each female body is characterized by individual abilities and resources. It is undeniable that, with the onset of pregnancy, the greatest changes occur, mainly at the hormonal level (but not only, of course). The sudden artificial interruption of this interruption is an enormous stress for the body and does not pass without a trace. Some women physiologically can get pregnant already in the next menstrual cycle, but many of them make more than one unsuccessful attempt for years. It should be said that even the first option is undesirable.

Unplanned pregnancy after medical abortion

To recover from the stress experienced as a result of medical abortion, the female body takes some time. Gynecologists say that this period should be at least 6 months. Only after that, a woman can start planning a new pregnancy if she wants to safely endure and give birth to a healthy child. In addition to a number of restorative measures, the doctor will advise you on a reliable method of contraception. The onset of pregnancy immediately or soon after medical abortion is fraught with many risks and complications. This may be miscarriage or the threat of abortion, ectopic pregnancy, low placental location, delay in development and fetal growth, fetal egg fading, rhesus-sensitization and others. A weakened maternal organism is unable to provide the growing fetus with the necessary substances and become a safe haven for the next 9 months. Therefore, if you become pregnant immediately after a medical abortion, then it is absolutely necessary to contact the gynecologist as soon as possible to examine and eliminate the ectopic attachment of the fetal egg and be under his observation during the entire gestation period.

Planning pregnancy after medical abortion

However, it is not possible to easily become pregnant after a medical abortion. Many women experience this with certain difficulties in the future. Alas, there are cases when, despite the applied efforts and all sorts of examinations and treatments, it is never possible to conceive a baby. Nevertheless, a great role is played by the preparation for pregnancy and its competent planning.

As we have already said, you can start thinking about this only after the expiration of six months after a medical abortion. It is necessary to pass a thorough medical examination together with the future father, to pass tests for hormones and urogenital infections, to examine the thyroid gland, to give up all bad habits and begin to lead a healthy lifestyle. It will be necessary to cure all chronic diseases and exclude risk factors for the development of any viral and inflammatory diseases. Proper nutrition and intake of vitamins are an indispensable condition for a favorable conception. It is also important not to overwork physically and remain calm morally. Any stress, depression, nervous disorders can prevent the onset or development of pregnancy.

There is nothing to hide, that pregnancy after medical abortion can be a pipe dream. But in most cases, with adequate rehabilitation and competent planning, a woman can conceive and give birth to a baby. The main thing is not to give up!

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