Pregnancy after miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage - how and when is it possible?

So, according to statistics, however sad it may sound, about 3% of couples face the problem of miscarriage in the early stages. There are many causes of miscarriage: genetic factors, hormonal disorders, pathology of female organs, infectious diseases and much more. To prevent a second miscarriage, you need to carefully approach the planning of the next pregnancy, taking into account the reasons that caused the interruption of the previous one. It is important to note that the body of a woman after a miscarriage is restored within 2-3 months, but the psychological state goes through the recovery process much longer. In addition, many families can not cross the barrier of fear of a second miscarriage and instead of supporting each other, they begin to distance themselves. Therefore, a longer period is required for a full recovery.

Specialists recommend planning the next pregnancy six months after the miscarriage. And it is obligatory in the planning process to undergo a complete examination with all the necessary specialists. Observing all the recommendations of doctors and getting rid of previous fears, you can well prepare for the onset of pregnancy. However, in order for the baby to be born healthy, parents should do their best, especially in the psychological sense. Depressive thoughts about what happened, of course, are present after the tragedy, but you do not need to worry about them alone. Moreover, all the experiences that you are experiencing now can affect the health of the future child in a subsequent pregnancy, especially with regard to feelings of fear. So do not keep in yourself your fears, be sure to talk about this with a person you trust, and that will help not only in words but also in deeds. If relatives and friends could not help you survive this situation, then contact a psychologist, a psychotherapist. The fact is that these are specialists who know how to help you overcome the problem correctly. There is nothing shameful in this. After all, the child's psychological state depends on the child's health, and if specialist help is required, then do not avoid it.

In addition, many couples who have successfully survived such a problem note that during the period of pregnancy planning, the entire life-sustaining life was changed completely. Change of work, especially if it is physically difficult, home furnishings, and simply moving to the next room helped to get rid of obsessive depressive thoughts and tune in to a positive mood. In addition, physical activity is an excellent assistant. Of course, the minimum. For example, daily light breathing exercises and yoga will help normalize the psychological state and get rid of the negative consequences of abortion.

In conclusion, we note that couples who carefully approached the planning of pregnancy after miscarriage not only beneficially passed the period of pregnancy and childbirth, but also significantly improved the relationship between themselves. Therefore, think positively, arm yourself with the support of relatives or specialists, follow all the recommendations and be healthy and happy in the new long-awaited pregnancy.

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