Pregnancy after polyp removal

Can I get pregnant after removing the polyp?

What is a polyp?

To this day, the causes of the appearance of polyps in the uterine cavity have not been fully studied. They can appear either as a result of hormonal failures, or as a result of chronic inflammation in the pelvic cavity, or after surgical abortions. Most often, endometrial polyps are found in women who have already given birth, as well as in women with impaired metabolism, hypertension and diabetes.

The polyp of the endometrium is a kind of "outgrowth" in the uterine cavity. Most often it is oval in shape and reaches from a few millimeters to several centimeters. The polyp has the same structure as the endometrium, because it is an endometrial growth. By their nature, polyps are usually benign and rarely cause serious damage to a woman's health; they do not even have any special symptoms and usually reveal a polyp by "accidentally" conducting a routine ultrasound, or by examining a woman after unsuccessful IVF attempts, or by diagnosing causes of infertility.

How is the polyp treated?

Most likely, the polyp itself is not the cause of infertility, however, it is the causes of its induction that are also the causes of infertility, therefore, after revealing the polyp, doctors immediately recommend that it be removed - this is how the uterine polyposis is treated.

Remove polyps with hysteroscopy (aiming method of removal), because "blindly" to remove such growth is not only dangerous, but also inefficient, because each polyp has its own "leg", which is very important to remove, otherwise it will become the "basis" of new growths.

After the operation, the removed polyp is necessarily given for histological analysis. It is very rare, but adenomatous polyps of the endometrium, or polyps with the presence of altered (cancerous) cells are possible. After receiving the tests, the doctor decides how the subsequent treatment will proceed. If the polyp turned out to be "cancerous", then the oncologist continues the treatment. However, we remind you that this happens very rarely, so do not panic.

Usually, treatment consists of taking hormonal drugs (prescribe hormonal contraceptives for 2-3 months), as well as antibiotic therapy.

When after removal of the polyp comes pregnancy?

With pregnancy after the removal of the polyp, it is not necessary to "tighten", because very often it is possible to relapse (new polyps, especially if the "leg" of the previous build is not completely removed). It's easy enough to get pregnant after treatment for polyps, especially after hormone therapy. The stories of "experienced" testify that the long-awaited pregnancy comes in 3-6 months after removal of the polyp.

There are also cases when pregnancy develops with a new polyp. Gynecologists reassure that there is no danger to the fetus. Pregnancy will go without complications, and immediately after childbirth you will remove the polyp.

So, ladies, do not worry. The presence and removal of polyps is not an obstacle to long-awaited pregnancy.

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