Pregnancy after Postinor

Can I get pregnant after taking Postinor?

How does Postinor work? Its main "weapon" is a synthetic analog of the female sex hormone progesterone - levonorgesterol. The impact of its dose gives rise to failure during fertilization. How exactly, it is not known. Perhaps it prevents the release of the egg, and if it has already gone out, it does not allow it to move and meet the sperm. Well, if they have already met, they will not be able to infiltrate the walls of the uterus. And only if the fetal egg has already managed to attach, then Postinor - powerless. That's why it is recommended to use it as soon as possible after unprotected sexual intercourse, but as rarely as possible.

We will not talk about how harmful, dangerous or undesirable Postinor's applications are, because if you read an article with this name, then in your life there was a situation when Postinor was needed.

On the one hand, taking this emergency pill, every woman will think about how effective she is and what will happen if the pregnancy does come. Yes, although rare, but pregnancy after Postinor happens. How can she be suspected? In the normal scenario, the monthly should appear on time, or a little earlier. Often the allocation is more prolonged and abundant. And if the menstruation does not come, and you Postinor took almost at the last minute (after 70 hours), then be sure to contact your gynecologist to exclude or confirm your pregnancy.

And now, you in gynecology report that Postinor did not work. Very good, if you accept this gift of fate and do not even think about abortion. However, you will be tortured by a sense of doubt: will this hormonal impact affect the development of the baby's future? Many gynecologists, unfortunately, you will be offered not to risk. However, their fear is absolutely unfounded, because practice shows that "unwanted" surviving babies are born strong and healthy, and become desirable.

A woman's body is very smart. Therefore, it happens that your destiny and the fate of the fetus is determined by nature itself. Postinor brought harm, it means the fruit will arbitrarily "go away," and if harm is minimal - the baby "will get scared". This is natural selection, in which many already believe reluctantly.

Hoping for nature or not - it's an individual matter. You yourself must decide how you will be with pregnancy after Postinor. The situation is ambiguous, because many experts argue that the active substance affects conception, and not the fetus. At the same time, other doctors send a woman to an abortion, supposedly protecting her from a possible ectopic or frozen pregnancy, or even worse: a child with abnormalities in development.

But again, again: examples of successful births and healthy babies after Postinor abound. Families who gave birth to the "unwanted" baby do not regret it at all, but those who did the abortion, and not having made sure that there were serious reasons, regretted more than once & hellip;

Therefore, weigh all the pros and cons, calm down and pray!

All that happens is for the best!

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