Pregnancy after Regulon

Is pregnancy possible after taking Regulon?

However, if you are planning a pregnancy, then refuse to take Regulon, at least three months before the conception of the baby. Pregnancy after these contraceptive pills is possible. On average, this happens after six months of active sexual activity. But it happens that pregnancy occurs after a year, it is not worth worrying about such cases within normal limits.

Many women are worried about how Regulon might affect future pregnancy. Immediately we hasten to reassure you that after the abolition of oral contraceptives, there will be no negative impact on the fetus. Take into account that already a day after receiving the last pill from it does not remain a trace in the female body.

In addition, it is necessary to suggest more research data of one of the scientific agencies. So we will notice, that substances, which are part of Regulon are chemical analogues of hormones estrogen and gestagen. Therefore, the drug does not cause gene mutations or other malformations in the baby.

In principle, forget that this is a hormonal drug, not worth it. Therefore, side effects and risk can still arise.

But not all women can take Regulon without unpleasant consequences. In certain cases, these contraceptive pills are contraindicated:

  • in family forms of hyperlipidemia;
  • with arterial hypertension of severe or moderate severity;
  • with thromboembolism or with a predisposition to it (for example, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease (ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke), severe form of atherosclerosis);
  • for severe liver diseases: cholestatic jaundice, hepatitis, jaundice during pregnancy, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor syndrome, cholelithiasis, liver tumor, porphyria;
  • with genital bleeding of unknown origin;
  • with genital herpes and herpes in pregnant women;
  • with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug;

The use of Regulon is categorically contraindicated in breastfeeding (it reduces the secretion of breast milk and changes its composition). Also, active substances in small amounts can be excreted in breast milk.

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