Pregnancy after Yarina

Is pregnancy possible after taking Yarina?

Many women, while accepting Yarin, still wonder: will this drug affect the subsequent pregnancy, and in general is pregnancy possible after Yarina. The answer is unequivocal: it is possible! However, there are certain conditions and deviations from the norm.

So, you've been taking Yarin for a long time, and now you've decided that it's time to get a baby. Even in the instructions to the drug indicated that pregnancy after drug cancellation can occur after two to three months, when the natural menstrual cycle will recover. But here the third month comes to an end, and pregnancy does not come. Naturally, a woman who wants to have a child starts panicking: why? what to do? How to be? However, it is anxiety that causes "non-occurrence" of pregnancy. And the real threat of infertility occurs only in the case when pregnancy does not occur within two years after the abolition of Yarina.

After the withdrawal of Yarin's intake, menstrual bleeding (amenorrhea) may sometimes be absent for a long time. Naturally, in this case, pregnancy will not occur, so you should consult a doctor to determine the reasons for a long stand of amenorrhea.

There is an opinion, that if Yarin is taken without interruptions for a very long time, then the body will get used to the intake of hormones from the outside, so the development of their own hormones will gradually decrease, and this is fraught with oppression of the reproductive system as a whole. However, the rules for accepting virtually all OCs provide that after each year of taking such tablets, a 3-month break must be taken. If this is not observed, then after the drug has been discontinued, pregnancy can really not occur for a long time.

You should also take into account the age of the woman who takes Yarin's drug. It is known that after 30 years, the chances of becoming pregnant are reduced in any woman, so after the abolition of the OC needs a couple of years to fully restore the reproductive functions.

But there is a different situation: pregnancy occurs immediately after the abolition of Yarina and on this occasion women also have many questions. Doctors reassure: this "fast" pregnancy does not threaten anything, the baby will be born healthy, if not return to the reception of Yarina. However, every woman understands that pregnancy and taking OK are incompatible.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that the drug Yarin (and other OK) is often prescribed for women who for a long time can not become pregnant. Doctors recommend 2-3 months to drink pills, then wait as long to restore the menstrual cycle, and start to conceive a child. The result comes immediately. Check it out!

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