Pregnancy after Zhanin

Is pregnancy possible after taking Jeanine?

Zhanin is a reliable and relatively safe contraceptive. If you follow the dosage and the correct regimen for taking pills, you should not worry about a probable pregnancy. But sooner or later there comes in the life of any woman the moment when she is ready to conceive a child and even wants it with all her heart. Then naturally there is another question: is pregnancy possible after Zhanin?

Be confident, your ability to conceive Zhanin will not reduce. However, it is necessary to take into account whether you adhere to the rules for the admission of the OC. The use of any contraceptive pills should be interrupted for 2-3 months after each year of admission, giving the reproductive system time and the opportunity to recover and rest. Otherwise, oppression of its functions is possible, and Janine is no exception. If contraception with tablets lasted for several years in a row, the chances of a successful pregnancy can be reduced, and the risks of fading of the fetus on the contrary increase.

The likelihood of a favorable outcome in a pregnancy attempt after Janine largely depends on the woman's age. It is easiest to conceive a baby for young girls up to 22-23 years of age. After 30 in the female body, age processes begin that can hinder the successful conception and bearing of the child. Keep in mind that the older you become, the more time your reproductive system needs to recover.

Despite the likely difficulties with pregnancy after Zhanin, modern gynecologists often prescribe it in the treatment of certain forms of infertility, in particular in the failure of the luteal phase and in endometriosis. Zhanin helps to cope with these problems and get pregnant on cancellation. In obstetrics, this phenomenon is called the rebound effect: when the spayed ovaries with a sudden cancellation of the OK wake up and begin to work with a doubled force: ovulation is restored and activated. The most strongly the rebound effect is expressed during the first 2-3 months after drug withdrawal, that is, at this time pregnancy is most likely. But doctors recommend waiting for this period, and only after its expiration make attempts to conceive, because at the first time after the abolition there is an increased risk of fetal fading.

It is important to follow the chosen treatment scheme. For pregnancy on cancellation, Janine is usually prescribed for 3-6 months. Do not worry about how this therapy will affect the future child: there is no negative impact on the fetus when taking Zhanin during the planning period, doctors assure.

For many women, such a tactic with the use of Jeanine helped to get pregnant after years of unsuccessful attempts. But, of course, pregnancy on cancellation is not possible in all cases. In addition, the drug itself is not suitable for everyone. Often there are side effects from his admission and intolerance of Jeanine. Be sure to take into account that in diabetes mellitus, liver pathologies, uterine bleeding of unknown nature, thrombosis, its signs or predisposition to the formation of thrombi, as well as in some other cases, it is contraindicated!

The question of the selection of QA and pregnancy after Zhanin should always be decided individually after consultation with a specialist.

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