Pregnancy and airplane

Is pregnancy and aircraft compatible?

Although the aircraft and the least tiring option, but during takeoff and landing, there is a sudden change in atmospheric pressure, which can cause vasoconstriction and premature placental abruption (for example, with low attachment of the placenta).

There are several other harmful factors in the airplane on the pregnant woman: noise, prolonged oxygen deficiency and vibration. To this are added emotional tension, overloading during landing, takeoff and in air holes.

On small planes, it is generally not recommended to fly, since there is no hermetic cab in them, and at the time of take-off your body will have to strain all the forces to ensure a normal level of oxygen to you and your future baby. Usually the way to the airport takes a considerable time, so plan your time in advance, as unforeseen stops may occur. Find out at the ticket offices about the possibility of buying tickets with an open date of departure - this will reduce your feelings about the fact that you do not have time on the flight.

A few tips before flying:

  • Carefully read the terms of your insurance. Read what it says about the possible complications of pregnancy.
  • Try to take a seat at the aisle (you can contact the airport employee when you register the ticket) to be able to go to the bathroom when you need to.
  • Dress comfortably. Let your outfit be multi-layered to clean and add layers as needed.
  • In flight, wear large shoes with no backs. Most likely, during the flight, your legs will swell. In addition, you will not have to bend over to wear such shoes or take off.
  • Stock up with enough mineral water. In flight, you will be more than usual prone to dehydration, so always drink.
  • Do not forget to bring a first aid kit and everything you need for the flight.

In flight:

  • When sitting, disperse the blood in your legs, stretching and moving your arms and legs.
  • If possible, get up and walk, it is useful for blood circulation.
  • If you have shoes that are easy to wear, then remove them. If you have an empty seat next to you, do not be shy - put your feet on it.
  • Eat and drink often and gradually to stabilize the blood sugar level.

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