Pregnancy and alcohol planning

Alcohol during pregnancy planning and conception

Against the backdrop of the general craze for alcohol by modern youth, the increasingly acute problem of early alcoholism, the question of what pregnancy planning should be a prerequisite for the birth of a child becomes as relevant as possible. Any sane person will unequivocally answer: planning of pregnancy and alcohol are two absolutely incompatible things. Moreover, a woman, as a future mother, needs to be protected from alcohol long before the moment when she begins to think about the continuation of the family. It is desirable - all the time, while the young organism "prepares" all the mechanisms of conception, gestation and birth of a baby.

It is common knowledge that pregnancy planning is a fairly long stage in a few months. This time is given to a couple for visiting doctors, adjusting nutrition and lifestyle, moral and physical preparation for the subsequent conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Among other things, provides for the planning of pregnancy and the rejection of bad habits, including - the taboo of alcohol. It has already been mentioned that in the case of a woman, ideally, of course, the acquaintance with alcohol will be postponed, and at all, for a time, when she will be considered a full-time mother. Because no doctor, no fortune-teller, no medicine man will take to foresee how and when another glass of wine will be reflected on the still not yet planned baby.

The fact is that a set of eggs in a woman's body is formed even before her birth, during intrauterine development. And this set then remains with the future mother for life, not replenishing, but changing under the influence of certain factors. One of them, with a very negative impact, can be alcohol. This highly toxic substance has the property of "poisoning" eggs, which increases the risks of a child with pathologies. But what kind of "dose" of alcohol will poison eggs in this or that case, it is difficult even for a specialist to say - this question is very individual. That is, some of the women are literally enough with several glasses of wine once a week or even a month, then to wonder: why the baby was born weak or, worse, with some deviations. And some of the potential moms, drinking the same amount of alcohol, and will not notice its negative effect on the fetus. Naturally, if you give up alcohol for half a year - a year before the planned conception: this is a prerequisite for the birth of a strong and fully healthy baby.

But not only the ability of a woman to bear and give birth to a child is adversely affected by alcohol, the refusal of alcohol during the planning of pregnancy applies to the future father. The doctors proved: alcohol has a very unfavorable effect on the quality of sperm, and it concerns not only strong spirits, but also seemingly harmless beer. First, spirits, penetrating the seminal fluid, reduces the mobility of spermatozoa. This may result in the fact that even with a strong desire to become pregnant and are persistent in this effort, Pregnancy for a long time will not come. And secondly, and this is much worse, alcohol, getting into the sperm, can change the properties of spermatozoa, turning them into pathological. Moreover, the number of such spermatozoa under the influence of alcohol increases, as does the risk of fertilization with the pathological sperm of the oocyte. And this in the future inevitably leads to the development of deviations in the baby, the birth of a child with ugliness. So, the planning of pregnancy and alcohol is not compatible and in the case of men: experts persistently recommend future dads to exclude spirits at least 3 months before the planned conception.

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