Pregnancy and bath

Can I go to the bath during pregnancy?

And what about the bath? - you ask. After all, just about its medicinal properties, they say everything and everywhere. And, probably, you will be right. The positive effect of the bath on the body of a pregnant woman is proved by many future mothers and specialists.

  • Bath procedures strengthen the immune system, are an excellent preventive against colds, influenza and ARVI.
  • Under the influence of steam regress and even completely disappear skin diseases (dermatotoxicosis, urticaria).
  • The bath positively affects the autonomic nervous system.
  • It is in the bath that you can effectively get rid of toxins and toxins.
  • The bath removes the increased tone of the uterus, reduces excessive muscle tension.
  • Trains the respiratory and circulatory system.
  • Improves blood flow to the placenta.
  • Boosting the tone of the walls of blood vessels, the bath helps with varicose veins.
  • A fan of the steam room at birth is much less likely to bleed. Births flow easily and quickly.
  • The bath prevents excess weight and swelling.
  • Bath procedures are the prevention of stretch marks, as the steam has a positive effect on the skin.
  • Prevents toxemia in the late stages of pregnancy.
  • Promotes the prevention of fetal hypoxia.
  • With regular visits to the bath, headaches and migraines disappear.
  • Improves appetite and sleep. Stress and anxiety go away.

It is also proved that the bath is very useful after the birth. Visiting the steam room restores strength, drives away the depressive mood and helps increase lactation.

Is it possible to go to the bath during pregnancy

However, with all positive reviews, we do not recommend you to go to the bath at the first opportunity. That, which is suitable for many - may be completely unsuitable for your body. The decision to visit the bath should be supported by your doctor, because he knows everything about your health.

Early bathhouse

With extreme caution, you need to visit a bath at the earliest stages of pregnancy. This period is the most risky in terms of the impact of external factors on the body of a pregnant woman, because it is now that the placenta is being formed and all the organs of the child are being laid.

In the first trimester, when there is still no placenta, visiting a bath can cause a miscarriage.

Doctors also do not recommend you start going to the sauna when you are pregnant, if you did not do it before or if you were sober from time to time, from time to time. If, long before pregnancy, you regularly sweated, then you should not abandon these procedures in a new "interesting" situation. But still in the first weeks it is better to take a break in a good pair tradition.

Late bath

Many believe, and among them there are also physicians, that visiting a bath during pregnancy, subject to the precautionary rules, contributes to its successful completion: in later terms, the woman feels better, the state of her health is strengthened, and many ailments and disorders disappear, as well as the danger of their occurrence. In short, the steam room in the middle of pregnancy helps improve the health of the mother and child at the end of pregnancy. But in the most recent weeks it is better to abandon this healing procedure.

At the end of pregnancy, the danger increases. Redistribution of blood, which occurs as a result of strong heating, and then sudden cooling, can cause the rupture of membranes and the passage of amniotic fluid. The bath can cause premature birth or placental abruption.

In general, a bath can have many contraindications for a future mother. A very frequent visit to the steam room has irreversible consequences. So take note and do not forget about the most important rules for safe visiting bathhouses and saunas:

  • Strictly prohibited from sweating for acute inflammatory diseases that are accompanied by high fever, as well as cancer, epilepsy, with various diseases of the heart, after surgical interventions and with bronchial asthma.
  • Pregnancy with complications also prevents visiting the bath, even if before a pregnancy you regularly visited paired. Doctors warn their patients against intense overheating if there is a threat of abortion, with severe toxemia and increased pressure of the expectant mother.
  • In any case, you must remember the rules of behavior in the bath.
  • Do not forget about special headdresses and do not wet your head before you go to the steam room.
  • A plentiful drink is simply necessary to replenish the liquid lost by steam. The more you drink, the faster your body will get rid of excess "garbage". Herbal teas will also improve your well-being.
  • Cool the body after the steam room. But not necessarily an ice shower. Listen to your body. Perhaps, it will be enough for him to have a cool dressing room.
  • Come to the steam room for a little while. At the same time, always monitor your health. It's better to just go for a couple of minutes, but several times.
  • For safety in the bath wear rubber slippers. In them you will not slip, and also you will be saved from possible infections.

After bathing at home, it's useful to just lie in a warm bed. Specialists guarantee you great well-being. However, we again remind that without consulting a doctor in the bath should not go.

Take care of your future baby's health!

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