Pregnancy and cytomegalovirus

Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy - norms, symptoms, treatment

Among the various viral infections, cytomegalovirus occupies one of the leading places in the defeat of pregnant women and the prevalence in general. This infection is one of the most dangerous for the baby's future, especially if the woman is infected in the first trimester of pregnancy.

To date, signs of CMV are found in 0, 2-2% of newborns and their mothers.

How is cytomegalovirus infection manifested?

Sometimes - in any way. This is relevant for those cases when the human immunity is strong, because then the virus is in the body in the form of a latent infection, but as soon as the defenses of the body weaken, it makes itself felt. By the way, many people perceive the disease as an ordinary cold, but in fact, it's not so easy. The fact is that with such "common cold" the central nervous system (encephalitis), lungs (pneumonia), heart (myocarditis), kidneys (nephritis), spleen, liver, intestine are affected. In the representatives of the fair half of humanity CMV often causes erosion of the cervix, cervicitis, inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes. In pregnant women, the disease is often asymptomatic.

How can I get CMV?

There are many ways to get infected with this virus, as it is contained in blood, urine, saliva, sperm, secretions from the cervix and vagina, breast milk, amniotic fluid. If you are lucky not to get sexually, then you can "earn a sore" by airborne or even everyday.

How can a baby get infected?

Unfortunately, the fetus is also susceptible to infection, and this can happen in different ways. To begin with, a child can be infected in the first seconds of his existence, that is, at the time of conception (in the case that the carrier is a father). In addition, CMV can penetrate the baby's body through the placenta, from the uterus through the membranes, during labor or during lactation. The most dangerous of the described situations is intrauterine infection, because in this case the consequences can be very deplorable.

What is dangerous for the penetration of the cytomegalovirus to the fetus?

It must be said that an infected child does not always have obvious consequences for his health (but such children should be under constant medical supervision). Nevertheless, it is not unusual for cases where CMV affects the fetus and causes death in the womb. A separate category of infected newborns has serious malformations of both physical and mental development. By the way, the disease can manifest much later - at 2-5 years of life. Then children develop blindness, deafness, psychomotor disorders, etc.

Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy

Often, this pregnancy is difficult. As we have already said, a miscarriage may occur. It is also possible to detach the placenta. Often diagnosed as hypoxia, leading to a delay in development and provoking premature birth. If the case is very severe, doctors recommend abortion. Before this, a virological examination is carried out, as well as ultrasound of the fetus and the placenta.

Treatment of CMV in pregnancy

To date, it is impossible to remove an insidious virus from the body, but it is quite possible to support antiviral immunity. Since the so-called specific treatment does not exist, doctors prescribe immunomodulating drugs. For example, once in the trimester of a pregnant woman, droppers are prescribed, and if the infection has worsened, then enriched specific immunoglobulin Cytotec is administered. It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle: to eat fully, quite a lot to move, to be out in the fresh air, to have a rest.

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