Pregnancy and mastopathy

Mastopathy in pregnancy - symptoms, features, treatment

Mastopathy is a benign breast tumor that develops as a result of a hormonal imbalance. Doctors divide mastopathy into diffuse and nodular. With diffuse mastopathy in the mammary gland, small nodular formations are found, and this form of mastopathy presupposes, as a rule, therapeutic treatment. Nodular mastopathy, in which case a single knot forms in the mammary gland, qualifies as a more serious form of this disease. The point is that nodal mastopathy very often can go from benign to malignant, and, thus, provoke cancer. In this regard, nodal mastopathy requires conscientious diagnosis and treatment.

Specialists note that 2/3 of women are mastopathy, and 90% of them are predisposed to this disease. And they reassure: there is nothing terrible in this disease, it can be detected and cured in time without consequences. But what about women who plan pregnancy or have become pregnant? Will not mastopathy hurt the pregnancy of a future mother and baby?

The most comprehensive answer you can give a doctor-mammologist after a thorough consultation. But, as practice shows, in 99% of cases, mastopathy does not prevent a woman from becoming pregnant, bearing and giving birth to a baby. Moreover, often doctors even recommend pregnancy and the birth of a baby as a solution to the problem of breast disease. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy, the female body produces a special hormone - progesterone. Outside of pregnancy a woman usually does not have enough, but in a state of pregnancy it is produced constantly. In this way, in 80% of cases, women are freed from mastopathy.

Referring to the statistics, doctors say about the tremendous benefits of prolonged breastfeeding. According to them, breastfeeding is the first prevention of breast diseases. Thus, we can say that such actions will be the first medicine in the fight against mastopathy at the initial stage. After all, as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, her body perceives this as a kind of push: all the processes in it are updated and the life cycle begins from scratch. And breastfeeding breast tissue rejuvenates, small formations dissolve.

The most common drug that is prescribed for mastopathy is Mastodinone. This is a homeopathic phytopreparation, which is prescribed only in the case of benign breast disease. At the onset of pregnancy, Mastodinon is canceled. Diffuse forms of mastopathy during pregnancy are not treated medically at all, because pregnancy itself is the best way to fight this disease. And although the nodes during pregnancy are unlikely to resolve, breastfeeding mastopathy finally recedes. But this is subject to prolonged breastfeeding of the baby (from 6 to 12 months), doctors warn. With insufficient duration of breastfeeding (less than 3 months), mastopathy can again make itself felt. Also, doctors strongly advise: if pregnancy is observed mastopathy, it is desirable to wear a comfortable, cotton bra of the appropriate size no more than 10 hours a day.

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