Pregnancy and the cat in the house

Can I keep a cat in the house during pregnancy?

Where is the truth? Most likely, all parties are right. But the decision, how to be with a cat during pregnancy, is to take care of yourself anyway. Arise with knowledge, and you will not lose.

So what is a cat dangerous during pregnancy?

The main reason that a fluffy python can be outside the usual house, while the landlady safely gives birth to another member of the family, is toxoplasmosis. It is this disease that is most dangerous for the future baby in the womb. And just the cat can infect with an unpleasant sore the pregnant mistress.


This disease is caused by the simplest microorganism of toxoplasm. He parasitizes in the body of cats, dogs, birds, in man. Only the feces can only reproduce in a feline organism. Toxoplasma is very resistant to the external environment. In feces of a cat, it can live up to 2 years. To get into the human body a dangerous microbe can also be in the treatment of raw infected meat.

Neither for animals, nor for humans, the disease does not pose a serious danger. Often, toxoplasmosis is affected without even knowing about it. Symptoms can resemble an ordinary cold.

But here is a real threat of toxoplasma borne by the fetus. It affects the central nervous system of the baby's future. A child infected with toxoplasmosis can be born with underdevelopment of the brain and other internal organs. Fetal death is very often observed. If the infection has gone to 24 weeks - doctors strongly recommend abortion.

Naturally, hearing this, the first thought that visited you will be the idea - where to attach your Murka. But do not jump to conclusions.

The cat, toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

The described risk for the fetus is only the primary infection of the mother, just during pregnancy or shortly before it begins. If you have been ill with toxoplasmosis long before the "interesting" situation - there is nothing to worry about. On the fruit this will not have any effect. And it is impossible to get sick again with this disease.

And now logically thinking - it's hard to believe that just now you and your cat will get sick. Most likely, it happened a long time ago, but none of you even suspected it. So you and the cat already have immunity against toxoplasm and in the future it is not terrible for you.

But still, it's too early to relax. To exclude all "and suddenly" - take a survey with your pet.

It is necessary to pass tests for TORCH infection to exclude or confirm the presence in the body of toxoplasm. It is also necessary to pass to the analysis of cat feces. It is the results of the tests that should clarify the situation with the cat in the house during pregnancy. And here there are several options:

  1. You already have immunity to toxoplasmosis. Perhaps this is the best option. In this situation, everything remains in place. And you, and the cat, and your future baby are already safe.
  2. The cat is infected and you are not. This case is more unpleasant. You will have to look for a new haven for your pet. Let her temporary hosts take care of the treatment, and you avoid other ways of infection.
  3. And your body, and the cat's organism does not know about toxoplasm. Most likely you will leave the cat at home. But it is very important in this case to increase security measures.

Cat and pregnancy - precautions

Neither you nor the cat are immune from toxoplasmosis. But the careful one - God protects.

  • Do not let the cat walk in the yard with your fellows. From them, she can become infected with toxoplasm, or even pick up a parasite, just walking in the yard.
  • During pregnancy, refuse to "kiss" with your pet. The parasite can get over to you through the saliva of its owner.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after "hugging" with the cat.
  • Do not let your pet on the table.
  • Watch your cat's condition. Toxoplasmosis may manifest as a lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, increase in temperature. If symptoms like this occur, contact your veterinarian. For safety, you can regularly conduct a survey.
  • And most importantly - entrust cleaning the toilet to someone from the other family members. After all, feces are the main path of infection.
  • If you yourself have to continue cleaning the cat's toilet - remember the security measures. Rubber gloves during cleaning, daily disinfection of the pot with hot water.

All these simple actions will help you to protect yourself from toxoplasmosis. Remember also that not only the cat is the culprit of this disease.

Take care of your health and the health of your baby!

And also do not forget that we are responsible for those who have tamed. Even if you have to part with your favorite purr - take care that in the new house she was well. And be sure to take it back after delivery! She needs you so much!

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