Pregnancy at 40 years old

Pregnancy and childbirth at 40 years old

However, pregnancy is always a joy, even at the age of 40, even if it is unexpected. Yes, the news that at this age in the belly of a relatively wise woman's experience a new heart was beating, it can both stun and worry, and even outrage someone. But do not pay attention to the "indignant" - fortunately, not to give birth to them, and spoil the mood for us, pregnant women, we will not allow. After all, we want to take out a healthy and strong baby, and in the future give it all just the best. And for this excitement and stress, we simply have to exclude from our daily life!

Pregnant at the age of 40, a woman, of course, should more responsibly approach the issue of bearing a child. Fortunately, at this age and life experience, and the ability to collect thoughts and make the right decision in a woman more than a young 20-year-old girl. And, as a rule, pregnancy in 40-year-olds comes as a result of her planning and appropriate training for her. And, nevertheless, a trembling attitude to yourself and to the fetus developing in a woman at that age is simply necessary.

The first thing you need to do without delay is to seek medical advice and become registered. 40-year-old pregnant women need enhanced regular medical supervision, which will help prevent any unwanted tendencies. The fact that pregnancy in 40 years significantly increases the risk of potential complications, such as genetic abnormalities, placental insufficiency, diabetes, high blood pressure, late toxicosis. With regular medical examinations, all these problems can be avoided, and therefore medical control during late pregnancy comes to the fore.

Since the risk of genetic disorders in a fetus of 40-year-old pregnant women is greatly increased (more than 70% of children with Down syndrome gave birth to women after 35 years), pregnant women are prescribed early diagnosis. Ultrasound can detect gross anatomical malformations. At 16-20 weeks of gestation, a "late" mom is assigned a blood test from the vein: to determine the genetic abnormalities of the fetus. According to his results, the doctor will decide whether to direct the pregnant woman to more accurate studies.

Talking about the fact that during pregnancy you need to forget about bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee) is meaningless - this is an obligatory condition for pregnant women at any age. If it is a planned pregnancy, then it is better to "tie" with these most harmful habits at least six months before conception of the baby: so there is the possibility of several times to increase the chances of a successful outcome of pregnancy.

It is also not superfluous to recall the increased attention to the regime and food of a happy 40-year-old pregnant woman. Regular consumption of useful products will ensure a woman's well-being, and the baby - the supply of useful substances. It makes sense to review your diet plan in favor of fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and fermented milk products. Also, folic acid can be beneficial: it can strengthen the health of both mother and baby. Beneficial effect on health and moderate physical activity (after consulting with a doctor), frequent walks on fresh air. It will be expedient to exclude the stressful situations from life as much as possible, and also to rest more.

Pregnancy in 40 years, subject to certain conditions, proceeds normally and without deviations. Even if in the process of delivery physicians resort to caesarean section, babies are in most cases born healthy, and mothers remain happy. Late pregnancy is just a little more responsibility, a little more care, a little more love for yourself and for your future baby. A mature woman, as a rule, has everything to give the world a strong and full-fledged baby: wisdom, position in society, peace and life experience. And most importantly - love for children and, in particular, for their future baby.

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