Pregnancy gestosis

Pregnancy during pregnancy - causes, signs, effects, treatment, prevention

Gestosis of pregnant women is accompanied by a breakdown in the functions of vital organs, to a greater extent - the vascular system and blood flow.

Types of gestosis of pregnant women

Gestosis is called a late toxicosis of pregnant women. What is the cause of the development of gestosis and what is the mechanism of this process can not be precisely determined. The doctors say that a whole set of factors is always involved in the development of gestosis. But most often his appearance provokes chronic ailments.

If gestosis develops against the background of the apparent well-being of a pregnant woman and in the absence of any diseases, experts call it "pure gestosis." This phenomenon occurs in 20-30% of pregnant women. In the case of the development of gestosis against the background of the existing disease (hypertension, kidney disease, liver, pathology of the endocrine system, violations of fat metabolism) it is a question of "combined gestosis."

Depending on the form in which gestosis is manifested and the symptoms accompanying it, the types of gestosis that are, as it were, its stages or degrees of severity are distinguished:

  • The dropsy of the pregnant is the earliest stage , on which there are swelling of the legs and hands, and at first hidden and only then obvious. However, puffiness does not mean the appearance of gestosis. This can be judged only by a specialist. Therefore, never make premature conclusions and especially do not take any therapeutic action.
  • Nephropathy develops on the background of dropsy and is accompanied by impaired renal function. The first sign is high blood pressure. Nephropathy can quickly move into the most severe form of gestosis - eclampsia, therefore requires immediate treatment. The complications and consequences of nephropathy can be most terrible.
  • Preeclampsia is characterized by swelling, increased blood pressure and the appearance of protein in the urine. There may be a violation of the blood supply to the central nervous system, which causes a feeling of heaviness in the back of the head or headaches, nausea, vomiting, visual impairment, mental disorders are possible.
  • Eclampsia is the most severe stage of gestosis. There are convulsive attacks, the functions of organs and systems are violated, there may even be a stroke. Eclampsia is also dangerous for the risk of premature detachment of the normally located placenta, premature birth, bleeding, hypoxia and fetal death.

Methods of treating gestosis in pregnancy

Regardless of what form of gestosis develops in a woman, she must certainly tell the doctor about it and begin treatment, since gestosis in all its manifestations are very dangerous for the child and mother.

It is impossible to cure gestosis. But to facilitate its flow in most cases is very real and very necessary. Mild forms of gestosis can be treated at home, more severe - in hospital, and often in mandatory proximity to the resuscitation department.

If a doctor suspects the development of gestosis, first of all you will have to pass many tests and undergo mandatory examinations to confirm the diagnosis and establish its form. It also monitors the accumulation of fluid in the body of a woman and tracks the dynamics of body weight. Pregnant with gestosis shows a diet with a limited fluid (800-1000 ml per day) and salts enriched with proteins and vitamins. It is necessary to examine the oculist, consult a therapist, nephrologist and neurologist. Ultrasound examination is mandatory, including fetal dopplerometry.

As a rule, women are prescribed drugs to calm the nervous system, for example, motherwort or valerian with mild manifestations and strong sedatives in case of eclampsia. If the violation of the functions of the organs requires medical treatment, appropriate medications are prescribed: diuretics, as well as medications that lower blood pressure and improve blood flow in small vessels, including the placenta. At the same time, placental insufficiency is prevented (Actovegin, vitamins E, B6, B12, C).

In general, everything depends on the manifestations of gestosis and the condition of the pregnant woman. However, it is extremely important not to engage in self-medication, as this can lead to rapid development of complications and unfortunate consequences. If treatment measures do not bring relief, or the condition of the mother or child worsens - they stimulate premature birth.

For gestosis, it can be characterized as a low-symptom course without special complaints, and rapid development with a sharp deterioration of the condition. Therefore, delay in case of suspected gestosis can be dangerous. And the treatment can be carried out only under the supervision and appointment of professional doctors.

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