Pregnancy in fat women

Peculiarities of pregnancy and childbirth in overweight women

In general, if a woman wants to be not only beautiful, but also healthy, she must certainly watch her weight and keep it within the framework. And if a woman also wants to give birth to healthy children, the issue should be approached with special responsibility.

Completeness is a threat to pregnancy

Completeness and pregnancy are almost related concepts. Because in the norm a woman certainly gaining extra weight during pregnancy. It's another matter what this increase will be and what is its original weight.

Excessive weight in the first place has a very large load on the musculoskeletal system and all internal organs. It is difficult for the spine to hold such a burden. And this is fraught with problems. In addition, it is known that full women more often suffer from infertility. And during pregnancy they have a higher risk of abortion. Serious danger is also presented by hypertension, which often develops in fat women. Because of this, utero-placental exchange worsens, the permeability of blood vessels decreases, the fetus can not receive enough nutrients and oxygen, which causes the development of hypoxia and asphyxia in childbirth. A special risk arises precisely during childbirth, when a sharp increase in blood pressure can not only cause baby oxygen starvation, but also lead to a mother's stroke. If a child experiences hypoxia in the womb, then most often it is born with a low body weight and understated vital signs, the central nervous system suffers, convulsions occur, there is a gap in mental and physical development.

Completeness can cause the development of so-called latent diabetes in a pregnant woman (if not true diabetes). Because of the high sugar content in the blood, the fetus develops quite large, which promises certain problems in childbirth: severe ruptures and opening of bleeding in the mother, mechanical damage to the fetus due to the large weight of the mother and child. Therefore, most often the mother's fullness is an indicator for cesarean section. Yes, and the child overweight also promises certain health problems.

Even Caesarean section with excess weight is somewhat difficult due to the large fat layer. For the same reason, it happens, the gynecologist can not listen to the heartbeat of the fetus. Well, that there are other methods of monitoring the growing baby (CTG, ultrasound).

Excess weight often causes the development of preeclampsia and preeclampsia in late pregnancy, and also gives an increased burden on the kidneys, because of what there is swelling, in the urine appears protein.

Stimulus to lose weight

As we can see, fullness presents many dangers and promises many troubles during pregnancy - for both women and the future child. Of course, this does not mean that full-grown ladies can not become pregnant. However, know that the risks in this case are increased several times. To minimize them, you just need to lose weight before pregnancy. Do this at the planning stage. Perhaps you have long wanted to bring yourself in shape, but did not work. The desire to give birth to a healthy baby can be a good stimulus.

Where to start? With the survey, the first thing is for an endocrinologist. It is the hormonal disorders that are most often the cause of obesity and excess weight. Of course, it will be necessary to sit down on a normal diet that provides a balanced balanced balanced diet. Refuse the sweet, flour, roast, smoked and ready-made purchased food. Move more. All this must be done to every person and especially every woman. And if it still suffers from completeness - then it is necessary to establish the cause of excess weight and work on its elimination. It's not always the wrong way of life to blame. Although in many cases - it is he.

But what to do when you are already pregnant? All the same. Examination and compulsory observation by specialists during the whole period. A healthy and active lifestyle, proper nutrition with an emphasis on plant foods, whole-grain products and low-fat boiled meat. Naturally, little by little. Never eat for two, as we are often advised by mothers and grandmothers. And in no case do not lean on the sweet and flour. Keep yourself within, but do not starve! Be sure to engage in physical education and, perhaps, even sports, if for this there are no contraindications.

Keep in mind that at a normal weight you can gain up to 15 kg for the entire pregnancy, with excess weight - 7-12 kg, and for obesity - no more than 6 kg. Therefore, keep your weight under control throughout the term. And to determine what your weight - within the limits of the norm or going beyond them - can be in many ways independently. On the Internet, you can easily find all the methods for weight testing.

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