Pregnancy is, and the test is negative

Why is pregnancy negative and a test?

Cause in the characteristics of the organism

The long-awaited pregnancy and negative test result can cause panic and disappointment for the future mother. And then the reason may not be in you, or rather, not that you are not pregnant, but that your body "hides" the fact of the presence of the embryo in your stomach. After all, the test reacts in two strips to the presence in the urine of a pregnancy hormone - chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The absence of two strips occurs when the amount of hCG is too small. The level of this hormone in your urine is always lower than its level in the blood almost twice. Therefore, the test indicator can not catch the difference between the usual state of a woman and the presence of pregnancy. From this situation, there is a simple way out: buy another test, but more sensitive, and hold it a little later.

False test results can be obtained if the woman has tumors, malfunctions in the thyroid gland. Often, a negative test result is a consequence of taking hormonal drugs by a future mother. Possible cause of a negative test is an ectopic pregnancy or a threat of miscarriage.

The reason in the test strip

The second category of reasons why the test produces a negative result is in the test itself. First, it can be late or substandard due to improper storage. Secondly, you may not correctly conduct the test procedure itself. After all, morning urine is considered informative, in which it is necessary to dip the strip to a certain level and for a certain time. Third, testing can be done too early. Only ultrasensitive tests can determine the presence of pregnancy at very early stages.

What should a woman do?

The most correct way is to consult a doctor and make a blood test for the presence of hCG. You can conduct and ultrasound. In a medical institution with the help of an experienced gynecologist, the reason for the negative reaction of your test in the presence of pregnancy will very quickly become clear. And then the doctor will help to take measures that eliminate false results.

So, if the cause of a negative test is too low HCG, then to determine it accurately help the blood test. Perhaps the reason is the negative emotional background of the mother. Then you need to consult a specialist who will change the psychological state and mood of the future mother. If the test is affected by tumors or other diseases in the body of a woman, then there can be no definite advice. In each individual case, the doctor takes care of the treatment, the methods of therapy and the measures of influence.

Dysfunction of the ovaries can lead to an erroneous result. Then the gynecologist also appoints an individual course of treatment. If the doctor discovers a threat of miscarriage and as a result there is a decrease in the level of hCG in the blood, he can offer a woman to hospitalization. Do not give up treatment in the hospital.

So, do not need to make hasty conclusions about your alleged pathological condition with a negative pregnancy test. Medical statistics show that such cases are often, and pregnancy is physiological, and then it proceeds quite normally. Therefore, the test is a test, and in the women's consultation they will surely deal with you and your interesting position professionally. And the inscription on the test for almost 100% guarantee of the result is taken as insurance of the manufacturer.

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