Pregnancy is the second child

The second pregnancy - features and differences from the first

Compared with the first pregnancy, believe that the second will be much easier to bear. The fact is that now you will already know what to expect and, most importantly, will be ready for anything.

Of course, you will also have a toxicosis, and your body will change even more than in the previous pregnancy. But first things first.

If you have a second child, then this time you will be much more tired, because caring for the first child will take a lot of energy and energy, there will be almost no time left for oneself. As a result, pain in the hip joints is not ruled out. Therefore, treat yourself, be a little more attentive, watch your posture and sleep on your side at night.

You will notice your second pregnancy much earlier than the first one. Because of the stretched walls of the uterus, the stomach will begin to grow a little earlier than last time.

The second pregnancy is complicated by the fact that there is a risk to gain even more extra pounds. All this can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy.

Also during the second pregnancy increases the risk of hemolytic disease of the newborn. This can happen if the mother had a negative Rh in the first pregnancy, and the baby is positive. Then the red blood cells of the fetus can get into the blood of the mother during labor. But they will be hibernating in your blood, but the next pregnancy, Rh antibodies can cross the placenta and damage the fetal blood cells. The consequences are fatal. Therefore, before planning a second child, make a special injection, and this will prevent the formation of Rh antibodies.

If you have a little forgotten exercises that need to know the future mothers, then be sure to sign up for special courses. Also, watch the novelties in medicine and technology for children, this will help you make a lot of interesting discoveries for yourself during pregnancy.

As for the birth, you already know that in this case everything is individual - and regarding the duration of labor and their severity. But the delivery time for the second pregnancy is statistically much less than when the baby was born for the first time. The fact is that the cervix dilates about one and a half centimeters per hour. Such data are relevant only if you gave birth for the first time without the help of a cesarean section.

Compared with the first pregnancy, you will feel unpleasant pain after the birth. Strong uterine contractions can be felt to such an extent that you will need painkillers.

The joy of the appearance of the child reimburses all the tests that had to be overcome. The little eyes of a baby, the happiness of your man - all this will make you doubly happy. After all, being a mother of two or more children is not only a serious social mission, but your joy for life.

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