Pregnancy of twins

Pregnancy of twins - signs, causes, dangers

"Congratulations, you are waiting for twins!" - and the future mother will have to take care of her own health even more carefully, even more often visit the doctor and take tests, and specialists - even more responsibility to approach pregnancy and monitor the condition of the future mother.

Pregnancy twins - why does this happen?

Pregnancy of twins, like any pregnancy, during which more than one fetus develops in the womb of a future mother, is called multiply. But at the same time it is pregnancy twin that occurs much more often than any other multiple pregnancies. Pregnancy of twins happens either in connection with the fertilization of two eggs at once, or because of the division of one fertilized egg into two embryos.

The main factor that determines the pregnancy of twins, doctors called hereditary predisposition. A certain role can also be played by the mother's age (the likelihood of twin births increases if the pregnant woman is older than 35 years), as well as reproductive technologies (in vitro fertilization, hormonal treatment for infertility).

Pregnancy twins - how to find out?

Even in the recent past, the future mother during all the pregnancy might not know that in the end she will give life to two children at once. Thanks to modern technologies, specialists already at 6-10 weeks of pregnancy can determine the presence of two developing fruits in parallel.

In addition to the fact that significant help in determining the multiple pregnancies is provided by ultrasound, the expectant mother can and on some subjective signs and uncharacteristic change of state of health to suspect a multiple pregnancy. So, in many cases of pregnancy, twins are characterized by increased signs of pregnancy, such as morning sickness and vomiting. In some cases, a future mother feels more than with a "traditional" pregnancy, swelling or tenderness of the mammary glands. She may have more appetite, and fatigue can also become stronger. Another characteristic sign of pregnancy by two children is a rapid and significant increase in weight. And by about the 13th week, you will be able to listen to the beating of not one but two hearts at once.

Pregnancy of twins is a danger

Undoubtedly, the pregnancy of twins requires a special approach to it: in this case, the woman's body has a double load,cheat, doubles and dangers. One of the most common is toxicosis, and, as in the early stages, and in the late period of pregnancy. It is risky for pregnant twins to encounter and with such a most unpleasant phenomenon as iron deficiency anemia. Another danger is varicose veins, which can happen because of more than usual load on the heart muscle and weight gain.

Warn doctors and the risk of miscarriage or premature birth: two fetuses significantly stronger stretch the uterus. As for children, twins, they are often born small - with a weight of less than 2.5 kg.

Twins Pregnancy - Mom's Behavior

In order to avoid any complications during the pregnancy of twins, the future mother will have to follow the recommendations of the doctor and take special care for her own health condition. Full rest is a prerequisite; if necessary, then up to bed rest. It is advisable to follow the weight and follow the individual nutrition plan, designed to avoid a set of extra pounds and at the same time provide two small bodies with all nutrients and nutrients. Since pregnant with two children experiences a doubled need for iron, it needs to not only eat foods rich in this trace element (cereals, liver, beef, spinach, soy beans, melons), but also to take it on recommendation physician iron containing preparations and vitamins. When pregnancy twins should very carefully listen to yourself and to your own feelings, and even with the slightest anxiety to seek the advice of a specialist.

Pregnancy twins - how about giving birth?

In connection with the fact that in case of multiple pregnancy the burden on the uterus is increased, the birth takes place in many cases before the due date - at about 37 weeks. Moreover, if the birth did not begin naturally before 39 weeks, physicians often resort to their stimulation.

In order to exclude any risks for the normal appearance of babies, doctors can also give preference to cesarean section. However, it is carried out for certain indications, when a woman can not be born naturally. Indications for caesarean section in pregnancy twins can be severe gestosis, breech or transverse presentation of fruits, hypoxia of children (or one child), the total weight of toddlers over 6 kilograms.

In the absence of contraindications, natural labor in multiple pregnancy is much more preferable (in fact, as in normal pregnancy) and, according to statistics, every second pregnancy of twins has exactly this outcome. In this case, the babies are born with an interval of about 10-15 minutes.

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