Pregnancy planning calendar

Pregnancy planning calendar

Do not despair! Keep your calendar - it will greatly help to make your wish valid.

So what is the calendar of pregnancy planning, which is also called the child's conception calendar? Nothing complicated: it's just a document or a special form (such forms (or programs) can be downloaded on a variety of sites), which include the dates of the menstrual cycle, ovulation and active sex life. Based on this information, it is possible to calculate the most favorable days for conception.

In order to conduct a calendar of conception, a woman should clearly know the data of her menstrual cycle: its duration, regularity. The first and last days of each monthly should be fixed for at least six months or a year. Thanks to such knowledge, you can calculate the days of ovulation. What is ovulation? This is the process of leaving the ovary of a mature egg. After the release of the egg within a day, it is possible to fertilize it, so ovulation is called the most fertile period for fertilization.

When planning a pregnancy, keep in mind that spermatozoa live only a few days, so it is most likely that the fortune will smile to you if you surrender to love joys 1-2 days before ovulation or within a day after it. If a woman's menstrual cycle is regular (has a strictly defined number of days), then ovulation, as a rule, it occurs on the 12-14th day of the cycle. How to calculate a cycle? You fix the first day of one menstruation (for example, in January), and then the first day of the other (in February). Consider how many there were days between them. The next month you repeat, only now you consider between February and March. And so for several months. If the number of days you get the same, then the cycle you have regular, otherwise - no. With a regular cycle it is easier to calculate the days that are favorable for the onset of pregnancy. Many women with an irregular menstrual cycle ovulation is determined by measuring basal temperature, using tests or ultrasound.

So: the information is collected, the program is found. As a rule, there are only two points: a woman needs to enter the date of the first day of the last menstruation and the number of days of the menstrual cycle, that is, everything that we mentioned above. You will also be asked if you have a regular menstrual cycle or not. After filling all the necessary fields, press the button "calculate" (well, or something like that) and read when you have the most "zaletnye" days.

If everything is calculated correctly, you and your husband honestly tried, but pregnancy does not come here for six months (and even more), go to the doctor. Perhaps there is some complication or disease, and without medical assistance simply can not do.

We, of course, hope that this is not your case, and very soon you will have a new period full of positive emotions.

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