Pregnancy test during menstruation

Can I do a pregnancy test during menstruation?

Is it possible to carry out a pregnancy test during menstruation?

Let's start with the most important and exciting: the test during the monthly can be done. Moreover, menstrual bleeding does not affect its plausibility. As you know, the pregnancy test reacts to the level of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone), which first rises in the blood, and then begins to increase in the urine. In this regard, the most informative in the early stages of pregnancy is the blood test for hCG.

If you resort to a home test, then remember that the probability of a truthful result is all the more high than a longer gestation period, besides, different tests have different sensitivity. Therefore, if the test showed a negative result, then it makes sense to make sure of its truthfulness, after another test a week later.

Please also note that the pregnancy test can be false-positive and false-negative: such "mistakes" are influenced by many different factors. And, by the way, the monthly can also affect the result, if you conduct a test in violation of the rules of sterility. But the very fact of the onset of menstruation does not change the result of testing.

So, so that the pregnancy test turns out to be true, it is necessary to conduct it after the delay of the monthly (and in our case - after their beginning) in the morning, using the first portion of urine. Try not to drink a lot of fluids at night so that the concentration of hCG is quite high. And be sure, when making a pregnancy test during menstruation, pass the toilet of the genital organs and insert a swab into the vagina to avoid getting blood into the vessel with urine (which must also be sterile clean).

But it's best to wait for the end of menstrual bleeding for testing, or to repeat the pregnancy test after the menstrual period.

Pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome?

And now let's try to figure out why during pregnancy you had suspicions of pregnancy?

Undoubtedly, in some cases a woman has more than weighty reasons to suspect the onset of pregnancy. But very often unrest develops completely groundless. We are led astray by premenstrual syndrome. The chest is poured, it hurts and becomes excessively sensitive to irritation. The mood becomes quite changeable: we then weep for trifles, then laugh at no reason. Often the headache, drowsiness, fatigue, weakness & hellip; Changes in appetite and taste preferences even more tend to think about the coming pregnancy. But suddenly, monthly starts - and we do not know what to think. Of course, I want to find out the state of things as soon as possible, but do not rush into conclusions. Early signs of pregnancy may be symptoms of premenstrual syndrome - many of them are quite the same.

Can they go monthly during pregnancy?

However, menstruation during pregnancy is also possible. Doctors call this phenomenon the ablution of the fetus or color pregnancy, and on this account there is a lot of quite contradictory information. But it is absolutely certain that in the first months of pregnancy, there may be menstruating spotting on the days when the woman had a period before that. However, doctors assure that these discharges are slightly different from menstrual: they are not so abundant. Women often do not see any differences.

Whatever it was, if during the menstruation you had the idea of ??pregnancy, then in any case, do not rush conclusions. Nobody forbids you to make a pregnancy test on menstruation days. But, to make sure of the result, certainly repeat it in a week, and for greater reliability - visit the gynecologist.

If you were sure of pregnancy, but suddenly bleeding or spotting started, then go to the hospital without delay: it may be a probable abortion. Let everything be all right!

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