Pregnancy test Vera

Pregnancy test Vera - instructions for use and feedback

It is popular and has its niche buyers. The main distinguishing feature of the Vera test is its very low cost. The price of several rubles attracts many customers. But often enough, Vera's pregnancy test drives a woman into a blind alley: the second ghost strip makes you not freak out like a child.

Test The belief in pregnancy: how to properly conduct and evaluate the results?

The question of whether to buy expensive tests is very actively discussed in women's forums. Many of us agree that even cheap pregnancy tests show true results, the main thing is to do the testing correctly and not rush to check: if there are several days left before the expected monthly results, the probability of a true result of any test is significantly reduced - it is better to wait for a delay.

Vera test strips have the usual sensitivity for inexpensive tests - 25 mIU / ml. This means that the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone will be determined by the Vera test only when it reaches a concentration in the urine of at least 25 mIU / ml.

This sensitivity is common for most conventional pregnancy test strips. And it is not uncommon for such tests to show true positive results even before the delay of the monthly tests. However, in order to increase the reliability of the test, it is recommended that the test be carried out only after a delay, and repeat it after 1-2 weeks. It is better to use the morning portion of urine, which is certainly collected according to all the rules (without violation of sterility),

Vera pregnancy test results can be evaluated after 5 minutes after testing. As a positive result, you should perceive the appearance of two distinct pronounced pink-red stripes, located throughout the width of the test. Any other result should be judged as false.

Pregnancy Test Vera: Reviews

If even the cheapest pregnancy test of the Faith type is able to show a reliable result, then why pay more? But saving is not always justified. And if the price of the question is not the smallest value for you, then it is better to choose the Vera other inexpensive test strips.

Despite the fact that the test for pregnancy Vera is not among the quality and recommended by the users of the stripes, it is one of the most discussed in the Internet community. And the feedback from consumers is not in his favor.

For the sake of justice, it should be noted that there are positive ones among them, that is, the true test results Vera also shows. But negative reviews about these strips are incommensurably greater. Women vying with each other share stories, how and when the pregnancy test Faith deceived them, and for the most part it was false positive results. In many cases, he shows pregnancy even to men. And as for women, the ghost strips on the Vera test are a common thing, the ladies tell.

In general, if you want to save on the test, it is better for this to choose strips of another brand. The test of Vera makes you very nervous and nervous when shows a non-existent pregnancy. Consumers do not recommend it.

If you used this pregnancy test, do not take it as a true result with a weak second strip: in almost 100% of cases it turns out to be false.

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