Pregnancy with twins

Pregnancy by twins - how to bear and give birth without complications

Today, the birth rate of twins is approximately 1.5% of all newborns. And if more recently about the birth of two babies at the same time were recognized directly at the time of their birth, today the doctors of the women's consultation with ultrasound can identify the development of twins in the womb as early as the 5th week of pregnancy. And as soon as this happens, doctors automatically add a woman with multiple pregnancies to an increased risk group. Therefore, will have to double caution and double attention to follow the processes that occur in the body of pregnant twins. This is explained by the fact that women with multiple pregnancies will immediately increase the possibility of developing serious health problems.

In order to avoid all kinds of negative manifestations due to multiple pregnancies, a woman will have to be seen by the doctor during the entire period of bearing of the babies. From the 20th week of pregnancy, doctor visits are necessary with a regularity of 2 weeks, from 30 weeks - weekly. In this case, repeated ultrasound will be mandatory: in order to control the development of twins, assess their growth and size. Of great importance will be clinical blood and urine tests, blood tests for the group and Rh factor. It will also require attention to blood pressure measurements - to avoid late toxicosis. By the way, morning sickness (both in the early stages, and after the 20th week) is very common among pregnant women with several babies. This is due to higher levels of hormones in the blood than in normal pregnancy.

You can often hear that a pregnant woman has to eat "for two" - for herself and for the future baby. In the case of multiple pregnancy, a woman will have to eat for three to ensure that the babies receive all the necessary nutrients. But it should be remembered: in case of waiting for twins, the volume of the stomach of the mother decreases because of the squeezing of the stretched uterus. Therefore, it is rational to divide the food intake into 6 small portions, which should be eaten during the day. At the same time the food should be balanced and valuable products, which are necessary for the pregnant woman. Particular attention will have to be paid to the intake of additional calcium and protein; also the future mother in folic acid and gland especially needs.

A pregnant woman with twins will naturally experience double fatigue, so you need to give yourself a rest more often. At the first best opportunity, it's worth laying your feet on a raised floor in a reclining position - this will relieve tension and pressure on the cervix. During sitting, stretched legs are also better placed on a special stand, which will serve as a preventative against varicose veins. Absolutely eliminated in the case of multiple pregnancies excessive physical activity, but will benefit walking tours. It is also allowed to go swimming - after consulting with a doctor. And in order to avoid stretch marks, which can appear on the skin as a result of rapid and strong growth of the uterus, you can use special means to care for the skin of the abdomen and thighs for pregnant women.

The greatest risk in the case of multiple pregnancy doctors call premature birth. This is due to the fact that when carrying two children the uterus experiences a double load. And this can lead to the fact that the yoke of the uterus is revealed prematurely and contractions begin. In order to maximally prevent such a situation and allow the woman to deliver the babies at least until the 36th week, a special suture is applied to the uterine pharynx or a special silicone ring is put on the uterus. These adaptations are removed at 36-37 weeks of pregnancy. And still closer to these terms doctors, as a rule, recommend to pregnant women hospitalization in the maternity home - for examination and to avoid undesirable phenomena during childbirth.

Despite the fact that the body of a woman is adapted in principle to bear only one child, to bear and reproduce to the world of two children is very much in his power. The main thing at the same time is not to neglect the recommendations of a doctor, pay special attention to yourself and follow the process of pregnancy. According to statistics, although birth in the case of multiple pregnancy and occur before the due date (at 37-38 weeks), with the correct approach and pregnancy with twins, and delivery in the vast majority of cases proceed safely.

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