Preparation for childbirth

Training courses for childbirth - do they need and what they learn on them

To visit them or not, visit, but only on the last days of pregnancy - this issue is to be addressed to each woman individually. Fortunately, the choice of the most optimal option in this regard today is quite large. There are training courses for childbirth, which offer prospective mothers classes almost from the second trimester of pregnancy. There are also express courses for women, who go to work most of the pregnancy, and are readyYou only have to attend classes in a decree. There are commercial courses where classes are held for a fee - and, the prices for them are different, which, again, gives the woman the right to choose. Conducted and courses for pregnant women with district women's consultations - such classes are free, but the cycle of them, respectively, is short.

In favor of all the same attendance of courses for pregnant women can be said by the fact that here the woman will not only receive exhaustive information about her current state of forthcoming births, but also the possibility of communication, the possibility of physical improvement and a positive time "with benefit for the cause. " After all, depending on the program, the preparation courses for childbirth not only give answers to how the childbirth is taking place, illustrate this clearly with video films and teach pregnant women the correct techniques of breathing and behavior during the birth process. Training courses for childbirth often also provide for classes in creative workshops (music or drawing), yoga, gymnastics for pregnant women, oriental dances, alternative exercises in the pool.

Plus the training courses for childbirth and the fact that you can take classes here in a pair of both spouses. Of course, the pope is as full member of childbearing as mother, although, of course, the main responsibility is still on the woman. And yet, the correct behavior of the pope at the time of the onset of labor, the skills of supporting now such a vulnerable his beloved woman - both moral and physical - the Pope will definitely benefit. Visiting the courses in a pair becomes mandatory, if the spouses are planning partner births: in this case, the man simply needs to be maximally aware of the question of how the birth begins and passes, what he can do to alleviate the condition of the future mother.

Training courses for childbirth are good because only information about only the births and proper behavior during the birth process is usually not limited. In the classroom, the woman will be taught the basics of caring for the newborn, and will explain how to come into shape after giving birth, mentally and psychologically prepare for future motherhood. To this end, the classes are conducted by qualified specialists: usually obstetrician-gynecologists, psychologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, trainers-instructors are invited for the lectures. Communicating with specialists, a woman and for birth will carefully prepare, and will be able to find a lot of useful information on the account of maternity hospitals, the conditions in which they are offered and working there doctors.

Experts believe that in the matter of preparing for childbirth, it is more useful for a woman to attend group classes. In this case, it is advised to choose training courses for childbirth on the principle of equipping the school, its proximity to the home. It is desirable that the school is not far from the place of residence - so you do not have to travel by public transport for long, but at the same time to be able to walk there regularly on foot. If, for some reason, there are no group courses for preparing for childbirth, the future mother can be engaged in an individual program, undergo personal express training.

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